Bad luck for Indian ace troops!India and China border are being deployed but hit by avalanche, netizen: Stop thinking of provocation

2022-05-09 0 By

Just ask any cow on the roadside how ambitious India is. In order to become the strongest country in Asia, the Indian government has not stopped expanding its military in the past few years. It is no matter that it spends money to buy imported weapons everywhere, but it still treats us as an imaginary enemy and makes trouble all day on the border.Since two years ago, thousands of galle valley after the event, Mr Modi government has mobilized a large number of troops in the first, will be deployed in plateau area, on the border of it all, although in the past year, China and India has repeated the commanders of his talks, reached a preliminary consensus, and withdrawal problems but let modi government darling obedient, apparently, is not so easy, and even promised to withdraw,The government still hesitated to deploy soldiers evacuated in four kilometers plateau region, but has been in quietly surge, while print media has been bragging about India is the only one who dared to deployment of so many troops at high altitude region, but everybody knows that this is not in the show off power, but as things.Why do you say so?Not to mention how tiring it is to be stationed for a long time on the plateau 4,000 meters above sea level, the temperature of the plateau in winter is often over ten degrees below zero, which makes the Indian soldiers very uncomfortable.Although the soldiers now have adequate warmth, clothing, tents and food, they still ignore the existence of natural disasters.Just two days ago, India suddenly released a national television news, news reports said earlier is an altitude of 4200 meters above the plateau winter in seven of the Indian army guard, suddenly disappeared when conducting routine patrols in the south, according to patrol in the surrounding areas of soldiers, he was missing players in the region near heard several loud noise,In this regard, the military initially determined that the group of members of the patrol encountered an avalanche on the road, immediately sent a search and rescue team to rescue, after two days of search and rescue, the search and rescue team finally found their bodies in the snow.The bodies of the soldiers were being taken back to the nearest Indian army base. The Indian Army said in a statement that the seven soldiers were killed in a rare avalanche, which the army considered to be an “accidental incident” given the timing and terrain.However, it is worth mentioning that in the past, the “ace troops” of the Indian army deployed on the plateau were omnipotent in the eyes of the Indian media. They could not only rock climb by hand, but also live in a place where the temperature is more than 10 degrees below zero for a whole year.Some Indian media even went so far as to say that the soldiers had been “blessed by god” and would therefore be “safe from any poison”, but they were immediately dumbstruck by the avalanche.But it should be noted that in the past two years, Indian troops stationed on the plateau have had more than one such accident, either an operational accident or a serious illness, which was selectively ignored by Indian media.In response, a Chinese netizen said, “India can stop thinking about how to provoke, and take care of its own troops first, otherwise its own troops will run out before the fighting starts.”