Fuqing: Production “acceleration” to achieve a “good start”

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In the year of the Tiger holiday, fuqing’s good news is frequent: Hualong 1, the world’s first nuclear reactor, fuqing Nuclear Power Unit 5 of CNNC completed its first overhaul and refueling;The construction of Furong New material Industrial Park project is speeding up, and the first production line is expected to be put into trial production in September…During the Spring Festival holiday, Fuqing made every effort to stabilize employment, production and development to ensure the smooth operation of the economy in the first quarter and to achieve a “good start”.During the first overhaul and refueling of Fuqing No. 5 Nuclear Power Unit, Yang Baosong from Shandong province, as the leader of the response time test team of reactor protection system, independently developed the automatic response time test device of full-range protection system with the overhaul team, which improved the test efficiency.Technical innovation for overhaul work to ensure safety.”This holiday, we have more than 600 working staff to ensure the safety and quality of the overhaul of the crew, and to polish hualong One, the ‘national card’.”Fuqing nuclear power said.On the other side, the chemical project line is soaring.Nearly 2,000 employees of Wanhua Chemical Fujian Industrial Park are working on the front line to ensure that the wanhua Chemical (Fujian) project goes into production as planned this year.In TPV Technology Group, more than half of the employees stick to their posts, and the company has launched a series of heart-warming measures to make the employees feel the warmth of the big family with sincerity and “real money”.The company not only carefully organized the New Year’s eve dinner, free movie viewing, e-sports competition, spinning training and other activities, but also prepared to stick to the post award, attendance award, work award, a total of 10 million yuan of incentive subsidies.Everyone said that in the New Year, we will work hard with more full spirit and contribute to the “good start” of Fuqing sprint.Wang Jian, director of display manufacturing of TPV Technology Group, said that in recent years, the company has continuously innovated products to enhance market competitiveness and made new breakthroughs in esports products and high-end displays.The company also expanded the market sales channels, and the output value of the Fuqing factory in January increased by more than 10% year-on-year.The reporter learned from the relevant departments in Fuqing that this Spring Festival, in fuqing city does not stop production of 54 industrial enterprises on the rules, there are 17,471 employees on the Chinese New Year.Ten billion of output value leading enterprises can award up to 4 million yuan of enterprise production “acceleration”, the government to escort.”In order to encourage enterprises to increase production and efficiency, we will give 50% matching rewards on the basis of fuzhou matching rewards.”The person in charge of Fuqing city introduced, electricity subsidy, in Fuzhou city according to the actual electricity consumption to give 0.02 yuan/KWH supporting awards at the same time, Fuqing city to the actual electricity consumption to give 0.01 yuan/KWH supporting awards.Stability of employment post, fuqing city of key industrial enterprises in the first quarter gross value of industrial output and the number of unemployment insurance are not less than the fourth quarter of 2021 gross industrial output value and the number of unemployed insurance 90%, according to the standard of 300 yuan per person and actual to attend unemployed insurance during the month of Spring Festival FuZhouJi worker number calculation, give enterprise one-time award for stable employment,The maximum subsidy for a single enterprise is 150,000 yuan.From February 1 to March 31, the labor adjustment subsidy standard will be raised. All kinds of labor adjustment platforms will give a subsidy of 500 yuan per person to key enterprises that introduce new employees during the Spring Festival and keep stable employment for more than one month.During the period of “Two sections”, enterprises independently or entrusted institutions to organize staff to carry out skills training based on post skills courses, training for 20 to 40 hours to obtain the certificate of completion, according to the standard of 25 yuan per class hour, 500 yuan to 1000 yuan per person to give enterprise subsidies.In order to encourage the development of leading enterprises, Fuqing city to the new China Quality award, fuzhou government quality award and other awards of the enterprise or organization, give 500,000 yuan to 2 million yuan one-time supporting awards.In terms of encouraging leading enterprises to increase their R&D investment, eligible enterprises will be given subsidies of 2%, 4% and 5% of their R&D expenditure, and 6% of the increase of their annual R&D expenditure compared with the previous year.For leading enterprises with an annual output value of more than 1 billion yuan (inclusive), and an increase of 15% (inclusive) to 45% (inclusive) compared with the previous year, we will give incentives ranging from 30,000 yuan / 10 million yuan to 50,000 yuan / 10 million yuan to support enterprises to expand production;For the annual output value of 10 billion yuan (including) or more leading enterprises, the highest reward of 4 million yuan.Raise 5.5 million yuan condolence fund for 43 thousand person-times to send warm Fuqing city also actively improve the “party enterprise new space-time government enterprise through train” platform, collect, feedback, deal with the problems reflected by enterprises;Establish a service team to coordinate with the park, towns and streets to solve problems in enterprises and help enterprises increase capital and expand production;Organized local key labor enterprises to carry out labor service docking activities in Yunnan, Guizhou, Ningxia and Gansu, transferred more than 1,000 people to Fuqing for employment, and helped enterprises stabilize employment.At the same time of encouraging enterprises to increase capital and expand production, the relevant departments of Fuqing city actively carry out a series of actions to send warmth, the care of the party and the government to the heart of employees.During the “Two Festivals”, fuqing Federation of Trade Unions raised more than 5.5 million yuan to carry out activities such as sending culture, health, law, employment and care, benefiting more than 43,000 employees.(reporter Zhang Tieguo correspondent Wu Kunhong) article source: fuzhou daily quality content recommended nine key projects in the zone, “hualong, complete with a total investment of 3.35 billion yuan for the first time loading refueling overhaul work drum tower:9 industry chain projects signed contracts