Long hui traffic police brigade held road traffic accident prevention “reduction control” work emergency dispatching meeting

2022-05-09 0 By

At 19:00 on March 30th, Longhui County Public Security Bureau traffic police brigade instructor Yang Qiilian, deputy battalion commander Liu Jirong, organized S242 (Huamen to Jinshiqiao section) along the township traffic police squadron captains, held road traffic accident prevention “reduction control” work emergency dispatching meeting in the meeting room of Liudu Village Squadron.At the meeting, the participating squadrons respectively reported the current road traffic accident prevention work situation of “reducing the amount and controlling the large amount” in the area, analyzed the reasons one by one and put forward countermeasures and suggestions according to the requirements of the renovation work and the “difficult and miscellaneous diseases” in the renovation work.And on how to investigate and punish truck overloading, passenger car overcrowding, speeding, tricycle manned traffic violations, as well as hidden trouble investigation work, further clear and detailed responsibility, increase remediation efforts.The meeting requirements, the participating squadron to quickly report to the township Party committee and government, joint township and public security police station forces, develop remediation plans, refine the division of responsibility, comprehensive hidden trouble investigation and road traffic illegal remediation.The concept of “hidden dangers are accidents” should be firmly established, and continuous road governance should be carried out closely around dangerous roads, problem enterprises, vehicles carrying diseases and key personnel to further consolidate the foundation of road traffic safety.In accordance with the principle of “eliminating stock, not adding incremental, dynamic investigation”, comprehensive investigation of highway safety hazards.The meeting stressed the need to take swift action to identify hidden dangers on roads, adhere to the principle of practical results, and promptly take “short, smooth and quick” measures to strengthen regulation and control risks.With the highest standards, the strictest discipline, the most practical measures, the strongest determination, do a good job in the current road traffic accident prevention “reduction control” work, so as to stay away from illegal, put an end to fatalities.Long hui handed in the police