The Integration of Network and Reality

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(This paper only discusses the relationship between the network and reality of the “unity of knowledge and action”, does not involve Wang Yangming’s mind and other philosophical sense of the “unity of knowledge and action”.) The reason why people take an article so seriously on the Internet is actually too much faith in the power of words, too much faith in words.Because of the intermediary role of text, it is easy for people to lose sight of the gap between real practice and “practice” on the Internet.We say that words and deeds should be consistent with the unity of knowledge and action, but this unity of knowledge and action is different in reality and the network.Many people equate this combination of knowledge and action.Online behavior is nothing more than recording a video, a few clicks of the mouse, a few lip movements.Such actions are easy to achieve.And all kinds of behaviors on the Internet tend to be effective for less than a year. After a year, we can see the results of a certain behavior, whether a certain behavior is right or wrong.The unity of knowledge and action in reality is not so simple and superficial.A lot of people have spoken and acted, but they can’t get results.Some people criticize these people for not knowing and doing.That’s not true.This is the reality of practical behavior will inevitably encounter a lot of difficulties, and the characteristics of slow effect.People in modern society are particularly susceptible to such short-sightedness.The Internet makes everything fast now, even the conclusion is fast, the result is close.A person’s unity of knowledge and action depends on whether he has worked hard or not.Because many people have said their own ideas, to do, to try, but the reality of the difficulties of his behavior has no result, or there is no result, or there is no result, many years later we can see the result.These are things that often happen in reality.For the practice of reality, we should look at the long-term, to see whether a person has efforts as a fundamental, rather than to see whether there is a short-term effect.If we only look at the short term, a lot of efforts behind us are invisible, we must not meet the unity of knowledge and action.We should give some time to practice a person’s experience in reality. If there is no result, we should wait and see before drawing conclusions.If a realistic person says one thing in his mouth, but doesn’t work hard behind his back, just stays in his comfort zone, and sometimes even shows a careless attitude, then it is difficult for him to achieve the unity of knowledge and action.Even so, there’s still a small chance that the person will change.For example, some people will change after encountering difficulties in life, and maybe they will make special efforts under the bitter temper.In short, the unity of knowledge and action is not the unity of knowledge and action on the Internet, and it is not judged by short-term behavior results. In reality, we often do not see a person’s efforts behind the scenes, nor do we think from his perspective. Without empathy, it is difficult to obtain real understanding and judgment.In today’s society, due to the development of the Internet, because of the accelerated pace of information and life, we have “trained” some methods to quickly judge others.Because modern society forces the mind to do this kind of simplification.This is one of the reasons why it is so popular nowadays.Because of this, it is very good to judge a person quickly and to “understand” him.But that is not to say that transformation can be transformed.We need to change the ethos of the whole society, and then we can better slow down our life, slow down our thinking, and constantly experience and training to change.As individuals, we can get rid of the thinking of the network at the beginning, so that we can make great progress and see a more colorful world.And then to influence other people, back to the reality of reality.In short, in the current network environment, people often see an article, will be eager to give an article personality, and then give the author personality, and then to understand.It is a process of anchoring and castration of the mind.This is the nature of thinking, there is nothing to criticize.But it does take training to change that.This kind of emasculation and anchoring of the mind is exactly what I said earlier. People attach too much importance to the text, or to be more precise, to the language in the text, and fail to see the meaning behind the language.You can’t see the colorful authors in real life.I can’t see the real author’s environment, and what he thinks.I do not know whether the author is hard, whether the heart really to do these things.I believe that if a person really hard, serious, heart to do a thing, is sure to be able to achieve.And this kind of intention and effort, is a kind of power, is the expectation of the future.This power can be “paid for,” and by “paid for,” it can be transmitted to others, not just in words.With this infection, this power, we can look forward to the future, inspire more people to engage in practice, inspire more people to engage in more detailed and grounded discussion.I believe in that power.