Zhengzhou property market began to “save the market”?Think much, control policy did not relax

2022-05-09 0 By

Zhengzhou plan to save the market?In fact, seconds understand that, and certainly, to see any problem depends on the release of information about what.Zhengzhou Daily published a speech by He Xiong, acting mayor of Zhengzhou, saying, “Zhengzhou’s real estate market is facing some minor difficulties.”To put it simply, the development of the property market is not very good. From the data of zhengzhou property market in 2021, the new house sales in 2021 are about 163450, a new low in nearly six years!That was down 32.9 percent from 2020.About 65,450 pre-owned homes were sold, only 2,243 more than in 2018 over the past six years, but down 3.73 percent from 2020.As a result, both new and second-hand houses have been downgraded.At the same time, Zhengzhou second-hand housing transactions in 2021 64,500 sets, Zhengzhou real estate market is currently 12.18 million square meters of new housing inventory, the reduction cycle of 18.6 months, the supply side is sufficient, the transaction end is depressed, the downward pressure of the property market is still large.From these data, zhengzhou housing demand is stable, but stocks constantly increased, the housing market pressure is still large, buyers enthusiasm is not high, while the population increase, the average annual increase of 400000 or so), but limited appeal to the young man, according to the statistical data, a platform in zhengzhou zhengzhou graduates after only 62.2%,Nearly 40% of young people have left Zhengzhou, and many of them are excellent talents. As a result, Zhengzhou is not competitive in the new first-tier cities, and it is far behind Wuhan and Hefei in terms of technological entrepreneurship and industry.In addition, the 720 flood and the impact of three epidemic, resulting in zhengzhou’s economic development and property market have been greatly affected.From the development of the property market, the market panic is spreading.Those who buy houses meet the housing reduction, delayed delivery, and even some projects directly appear to be unfinished. Many buyers have experienced the same stimulation as mountains and mountains. Many people cannot face the problems of the house, and there are frequent incidents of rights protection.In 2016, zhengzhou buyers were afraid of rising housing prices. In 2021, they were immune to falling housing prices. Now they are even more afraid of failing to pay for houses.Seconds understand that the meeting gave few highlights, in addition to the cancellation of the second-hand housing transaction 20% difference tax, few highlights, the policy is more to boost market confidence, maintain the stability of the property market, will not therefore relax the property market regulation, or the so-called rescue market.In addition, we should know that the basic policy of the current property market may not be, purchase limit, “three red lines” and other policies have not changed in nature, the property market is still insisting on “housing not speculation”, although there are some favorable policies, the overall property market has little impact.Therefore, for house buyers, this time to buy more eyes, whether it is the choice of new or second-hand housing, must choose reliable developers and projects, choose strong resilience of the project, to be rational and careful to buy, do not follow the trend or speculation.