Credit card repayment within the grace period does not calculate penalty interest and does not affect credit investigation

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Xiao Wang is a white-collar worker in the city. Due to the convenience and convenience of credit card, he can also overdraft consumption, so he used to use credit card for daily consumption. In January 2022, due to the recent bad work condition and depression, he had to pay back the credit card on time on the 10th of every month, but forgot this month.Credit card So the question is, is there a grace period for credit card payments?Can because of overdue generation penalty interest and affect xiao Wang’s individual credit?What is the grace period for credit card repayment?Credit card repayment grace period refers to the credit card holder does not repay in the due date, the bank will give a buffer of a certain time, as long as the repayment before the grace period, it is regarded as normal repayment, no penalty interest and affect personal credit.Generally speaking, credit cards issued by commercial banks will provide credit card repayment grace period service, cardholders do not need to apply for automatic access.Credit card payments have a grace period, but unless there are special circumstances, cardholders are advised to make a habit of paying on time.How long is the grace period for credit card repayment?Credit card to the commercial bank of our country, the grace period of reimbursement generally has 2-3 days or so, for example, the construction bank, to expire on the day of repayment did not succeed in reimbursement, there are 2 days or so of grace period, specific as follows:(1) If the method of repayment is not agreed, the card holder can deposit the arrears into the credit card account before 16:00 on the third day after the due repayment date, which is still regarded as normal repayment.(2) If the agreed repayment method is adopted, the cardholder shall deposit the arrears in advance for supplementary deduction, preferably before 7:00 am on the third day after the due repayment date.It can be seen that as long as Xiao Wang deposits the arrears into his credit card account before 16:00 on January 13 after the repayment date (January 10), it will be regarded as normal repayment. The bank will not calculate penalty interest and report bad personal credit investigation records to the credit investigation system.If the grace period is exceeded, Wang will not only have to pay the penalty interest, but also affect his personal credit investigation.Personal credit registry