Pengzhou Longmenshan School launched a campus security investigation for the spring semester of 2022

2022-05-10 0 By

In order to do a good job in the school spring school safety and stability work, timely eliminate security risks, strengthen campus safety management, prevent all kinds of safety accidents, to ensure the safety and stability of the campus.From February 13 to 14, Zhu Jingang, principal of Longmenshan School in Pengzhou, Sichuan province, led the school’s safety inspection team to carry out a campus security investigation before the start of the new semester on two campuses.Campus security is the premise of all school work.Safety inspection teams focus on key areas, key parts and the key period of campus, hidden the key activities, key link to the work, especially for the school Zhou Anquan, teaching building, transformer room, equipment room, dining room, computer room, for storing key place to conduct a comprehensive and detailed inspection, the video monitoring and control facilities such as elimination dimension is equipment in the process of reviewing to ensure the effective use.Each place, inspection team personnel squat down, looked up, move a hand carefully, and strive to achieve full coverage, no gap, no white space.The person in charge will record all kinds of hidden safety risks and health problems, and make sure that special people are responsible for rectification, strict monitoring and implementation of safety precautions.The school inspection team traveled to all corners of the campus to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the campus.Check whether there are unsafe factors, whether the monitoring equipment is working properly, whether the fire extinguisher meets the standard, whether the bulb needs to be replaced, whether the wall brick is loose, whether the parts of the appliance are complete, etc.Do not let go of every corner that may have hidden security risks, careful investigation, and the problems found in the first time for rectification and implementation.School is approaching, safety work is more important than Mount Tai, related to all teachers and students.Longmenshan School has always given top priority to safety work, and ensured timely detection and rectification of potential safety risks. As always, the school has implemented the requirements of epidemic prevention and control from the higher authorities, strictly built a safety line against the epidemic, tightened responsibilities of all parties, and truly prevented the outbreak before it happened, so as to welcome the children back to school.(Pengzhou Longmen Mountain School)