What can we expect from the French presidential election in April, in which 12 candidates are running for the presidency.

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2022 is a presidential election year in international politics.South Korea’s presidential election, which has been hailed as the most unpredictable in Asian history, was concluded on May 10.In Europe, the next big thing is the Looming French election in April.Earlier this month, Macron finally announced his formal bid for a second term as President of France.All the candidates for the French presidency are now in place.French president Emmanuel Macron announced Tuesday that he will run for a second term as president of France.France’s Constitutional Council on March 7 announced the final list of 12 candidates for this year’s general election, CCTV news reported.The list includes 12 people of the republic of France’s current President, kadima party candidate marolon, Paris regional President, republican candidate palin clay silk, the mayor of Paris, the left-wing socialist candidate hidalgo, French far-right national coalition candidate le pen, the French far-right candidate “to conquer the party” Moore, etc.Reporters learned that the French presidential election is a two-round voting system.In the first round, if no candidate wins more than half of the votes cast, the top two candidates compete in the second round.The first round of voting will be held on April 10 and the second round will be held on April 24.According to French official rules, the official campaign for the presidential candidates will begin on The 28th of this month.With less than a month to go before the first round of the French presidential election, candidates are gearing up their campaigns.On March 14, macron and other candidates took part in the first televised debate, focusing on the russia-Ukraine situation, foreign policy, energy crisis and other hot topics.Recently, fuel prices in France continue to rise.Nearly 80 percent of French people predict Macron will win the presidential election as his approval rating has rebounded due to his handling of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, according to a new poll.Earlier, Macron said he was committed to limiting gas and crude oil prices to 4% by the end of the year.But her old rival, Marine Le Pen, dismissed the move as an attempt to “buy voters”.It can be seen that the hot topics of the French election are around the economy, society, education and other fields.Right-wing candidates advocate stronger policing;Left-wing candidates are more focused on social justice.What’s interesting is that candidates in this election are taking advantage of short video social platforms like TikTok.They believe these online social media platforms can appeal to young voters because they tend to be the most active group on these short-video social media platforms.These days, candidates seem to have found a key to their campaign. The short video platforms are a seemingly effective new way to make political statements and even elaborate on their policy initiatives.As of press time, current French President Emmanuel Macron remains the most popular player on TikTok, receiving 2.8 million followers and 19.2 million likes.Others, such as the far-left “Unyielding France” candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon, have 1.7 million followers and 18.5 million likes.Zemmour, candidate of the far-right Reconquest party, has 242,000 followers and 3 million likes.At present, Macron’s re-election seems to be certain, but there are still some suspense and variables. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is still a hot potato, and the dilemma brought by the epidemic and the impact of energy will affect the future trend.It is foreseeable that whoever will have the last laugh will have to take more risks and meet more challenges.(Xinhua News Agency, Xinmin Evening News, Wen Hui Po, TikTok)