Nanjing Jiangning Valley street garbage classification effect is remarkable

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Seek common governance schemes, jointly build volunteer services, jointly manage the quality of classification, jointly evaluate the red list and grey list, and share the improvement of the environment.The reporter learned from the City Administration Bureau of Jiangning District in Nanjing on March 16 that this year, in order to continuously improve the urban and rural living environment, to create a jointly built and shared household garbage classification management pattern, Jiangning district recently carried out a beautiful environment and a happy life jointly create activities.It is understood that the joint creation of household garbage classification activity is around the garbage classification work, to make decisions and seek common development, construction and management, effect evaluation, achievement sharing to carry out relevant practical activities, to mobilize the masses to participate in a wide range of community environmental health and classification effectiveness.January 16 to February 28 will be the pilot stage of the activity, and at least one community will be selected for the pilot in each street of the district.From March 1, all communities in the region will be fully promoted and implemented.As one of the first pilot communities, Guli Sub-district Guli Community understands residents’ needs, gives full play to the main role of community residents, discusses outstanding problems of garbage classification that the community needs to solve, and arouses the enthusiasm of community residents to participate in garbage classification work through discussion, visit and household research.In the process of site selection and construction of garbage sorting room in the community residential area in the early stage, the community cooperated with the street cleaning house to listen to residents’ opinions through household investigation, visiting and discussion, inviting community representatives to participate in the residents’ meeting and other forms, which gained the understanding and support of residents and reduced the occurrence of conflicts.The community has also set up four volunteer teams, including party member volunteers, youth volunteers, five elderly volunteers and female volunteers, to actively carry out various types of volunteer service activities, and actively mobilize volunteers to go to the village to publicize garbage classification.At the same time, recruiting and training competent residents who are willing to volunteer to serve as garbage classification instructors not only facilitates the work, but also improves the quality of garbage classification.In addition, the community held a number of “garbage classification garden party”, “garbage classification theme competition” and other popular activities, and actively organized residents to participate in the district and street jointly held “garbage fun travel” theme publicity activities, so that the majority of community residents to participate in the fun.Set up a list of red dust, improve the system of rewards and punishments, and into the appraisal, the residents of garbage classification problem as civilized family and the important basis of beautiful courtyard to the masses of residents from “want me garbage sorting” into “I want garbage sorting” consciously, build “, work, sharing “garbage classification of community work.In the next step, Jiangning District will continue to deepen the effectiveness of the activity by implementing, summarizing and promoting it according to the situation of jointly creating the activity of household garbage classification.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: