Paraguay still have a chance of qualifying. Can Uruguay get out of trouble?

2022-05-11 0 By

Paraguay have been a poor qualifier, with two wins, seven draws and five defeats in their first 14 games. They have only 13 points in hand and their form has not improved. They have now lost four games in a row.So Paraguay are only four points behind Colombia in fourth place and still in the running.Uruguay in the qualifier is high low, in the previous round, they play is good, but since the defeat to Argentina, their status is dropping, at present already had 4 in a row, and four games were played 10 goal difference, even in the face of this power of Bolivia team 3-0 defeat all of them.This Uruguay data is good, their squad is stronger than Paraguay, but their lineup this chemical reaction is not good, the players before the tacit understanding degree is not high also, so they are completely unable to play out the proper power, it on the road in the face of Paraguay, they there is no advantage to speak of, so I think this to Uruguay and shoulds not be too big.Viewpoint: Paraguay