Public security fengcheng public security has cracked many serial larceny cases

2022-05-11 0 By

Feng city public security bureau on cases of class against property of the people’s livelihood is closely linked with the masses to the masses of work to the masses of the heart to protect the property safety of the masses on March 7, city public security bureau said people were reported to the store in cigarettes, cash stolen loss about 18000 yuan called hind city public security bureau Interpol brigade a squadron capable forces to fully carry out police cases through analysis of combCase characteristics and obtain a surveillance and so on to carry out investigation locked the suspect Wu Mou, Yuan Mou sealed the 4 suspects Wu Mou, Yuan Mou four people and took the arrested suspects since February of fengcheng city into multiple travel to mobile phone shop, alcohol and tobacco firms for theft stealing cell phones, cash and all kinds of cigarettes and other items involving a value of more than 60000 yuan 4 suspects to stealSecretly confessed of cases are dealt with in further investigation after police for vulnerable people recover stolen money or goods in damaged after police efforts to recover cigarettes, return the cash to the crowd ShangZhuang on March 2, the municipal public security bureau police station said police received a report to the police in a snack bar in a air conditioner ShangZhuang street outside the machine had been stolen after turningCivilian police to the scene immediately to the scene and a careful exploration in quashing the scene monitoring video found the suspect unlicensed motorcycle driving a red wearing a black helmet after the spring harbor direction fleeing civilian police immediately obtain monitoring to find suspects in spring harbor along the foothold in the town of port with the cooperation of the policemen in the spring after a large number of investigation work eventually foundRed unlicensed motorcycle in The town of Quangang villagers Liu Xichun home so locked the suspect Liu Xichun (male,Springs port town) and found the stolen in the residential house white outside air conditioning machine and other stolen goods several at trial Liu Mouchun admitted things such as the unlicensed motorcycle in the home air conditioning is respectively in this year for its monk zhuang urban streets steal the involved goods worth a total of about 15000 yuan Liu Mouchun criminal suspects have been detained by criminal of cases are dealt with in the further