The all-new Focus four-cylinder replacement engine will be unveiled soon

2022-05-11 0 By

The all-new Focus is expected to hit the market in the second quarter of 2022.The new car intake grille uses breathing scale design, quite a 3D visual effect, but also into the Chinese aesthetic elements, bringing the front face full of advanced feeling.The new car adopts a large number of sharp waist line design, making the whole vehicle more radical movement.The new car will still provide hatchback and three-hatchback models for consumers to choose, three-hatchback version models are slender, and the hatchback is more athletic.The all-new Focus is designed to be more youth-friendly, and this time it comes with a sports kit version.All new Generation Focus all new generation Focus three-compartment version of the body size of 4647mm/1810mm/1468mm, the hatchback version of the body size of 4378mm/1810mm/1468mm, wheelbase 2705mm.Wheelbase than the current market in the main civic, Corolla, Sylva, Lavida, Sagitar are larger.The new generation Of The Fox interior has adopted a new design language and become quite fashionable.Adopted the popular suspension type central control screen, LCD instrument panel, and the size of the two will be further increased than cash models.The central control switch is a more scientific and technological sense of the knob.In addition, Ford’s new Sync4 infotainment system will not be absent, and will be optimized for local needs in the domestic market.The all-new Focus has made a major change in dynamics.Compared with the previous three-cylinder engine, the new 1.6L Dragon TiVCT self-priming engine matches the 6MT\6AT transmission, and the 1.6T Dragon GTDi turbocharged engine matches the 8AT transmission, which has a very significant improvement in power compared with the current model.Compared with the cash model, the all-new Focus has been significantly improved in all aspects. Considering the cash price of 108,800 to 150,800 yuan, the price of the new car is expected to be controlled at about 120,000 to 160,000 yuan.(Photo by Changan Ford)