Treasure program recommendation, practice eloquence, open horizon, high emotional intelligence

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4 shows that affect a lifetime!These a few programs to see you will speak absolutely have the key, the brain has the dry goods, the horizon is wide open, the pattern improves!In fact, it is not that you can’t talk, but that there is nothing in your mind;It’s not that you’re afraid to speak, it’s that you haven’t seen what good conversation looks like.Eloquence is not only mouth, there are many places from talent.Talent, however, is not innate, but acquired.If you want to improve your speaking ability and broaden your horizons and talents at the same time, you must not miss the following treasure shows.The first program “I am a Speaker” this program can exercise your logical ability and storytelling ability, perfect for those who speak without focus, without logic.I have recited at least four of them in their entirety.When I memorized the second part, I found that my speech gradually became logical, and I also knew what it means to speak with focus.Each speaker’s speech is revised many times.Is the most concise language, the most essence of dry goods, logic is very strong.It’s hard not to be influenced by this text after you recite it.It is suggested that you can find two episodes that you like to recite.Here, I also recommend my favorite one is my Idol by Liang Zhi.The second program “Round table” can exercise your ability to pick up the conversation, improve emotional intelligence, very suitable for those who will talk awkward people do not know how to pick up the conversation;Or when talking to others, don’t worry about others’ feelings, emotional intelligence is a little low.As a host, Dou Wentao can chat with anyone in the program, which is what I admire most.When chatting with someone, it’s not because you talk a lot, but because you have emotional intelligence and talent, and know how to pick up and deliver words.And in the process of communication, he is very sensitive, comfortable, interesting, and useful, you can’t have a better conversation.Now out of the fifth season, each season’s resident guests are very good, every time watching is to enjoy.The third program “Yang LAN interview” can improve our horizon.For those who dread talking to leaders and authority figures, learn how to meet people who are better than you, and see how the best people in business, culture, sports, and other fields speak.Horizons of knowledge were opened, topics of conversation and skills were learned, so to speak, which allowed us to open up a treasure trove of conversations with anyone.The fourth program “Talk to Strangers” can help us accumulate stories and enrich our life experience. It is very suitable for those who have nothing to say, can’t give examples, and have no content to say. Our life circle is actually limited.The people you see and the things you do are limited.How to gain more experience with limited ability is to look at other people’s lives.Chen Xiaonan, the host, talks to one guest for each episode. These guests are not celebrities or experts, but they have unique stories and experiences.These stories allow me to use them as examples when I’m talking to people, to make things more meaningful than generalities.So those are the four treasures that I recommend to you. Make sure you look good. Highly recommended.In the future, we will continue to recommend more excellent content, remember to like, follow and bookmark, and we will become better together.