Vulgar live broadcast destroys three views!The two anchors were detained by changzhi police

2022-05-11 0 By

There are some people always want to become the so-called net red for this to do everything in their ignorance when funny take vulgar bo eyeball live no lower limit at all for such destruction of three views of behavior changzhi police will not be soft!Case Review On February 11, The Public security Bureau of Wuxiang County received a report from the public: There were two anchors on the Kuaishou live broadcasting platform. In order to attract netizens’ attention and achieve the purpose of “attracting fans”, they used wuxiang dialect to make fun of each other in filthy and vulgar language during the video chat with Mai, which caused a large number of netizens to gather around and caused bad social influence.Wuxiang County public Security Bureau after careful investigation, will be involved in the Wang mou (male) and Chen mou (female) captured.Currently, the two were detained for 10 days for spreading obscene information.Police have warned illegal Internet sites to strictly abide by laws and regulations while promoting free Internet access