Wild fishing tilapia comprehensive

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Wild fishing advice: 1. Fishing position, the best choice of birch tip, fish pass through, water depth 1.5-3 meters is the best, the temperature 18-33 degrees is appropriate, the terrain is mainly slow and flat, the best early accurate bottom, choose the combination of depth and shallow, water slightly grass obstacles, around 50 meters range of large tilapia pit viewing the best.2. Nesting material must be regularly fixed enough, so that fish can form a habit of cruising and foraging, the main attack time is placed at 18:00 — 23:00.4:00-7:00 in the morning (this section of the big thing side, small luo fei miscellaneous fish and other miscellaneous mouth far away).Every day 4-5 PM regular nesting.3. Large line between line group 4 and 2.5, nylon line 1.0-2.0, carbon core line 0.8-1.0, PE line 0.8, but the line is required to be short, hook type Xinguandong No. 3 thin strip type without thorns (the size of both can choose no. 2 hook), slender reed or nano material drift type, lead intake 2.5-3 grams,Rub bait to adjust higher and lower eye spirit mainly (bait to adjust three fishing 3-4 mesh), rod 3.9-5.4 meters, fishing 28-37 can be used.4. Bait, mainly liver taste, auxiliary fishy incense, hook soft sticky, hook loose cannon, main attack large tilapia bait loose cannon to the best size of chestnut, hook thumb size is appropriate.In the early stage, tilapia granules and wine rice cloth were added to nest fish.The bait pulling method is not conducive to attracting and retaining large tilapia fish because of the small amount of bait, so it is recommended to rub bait with cannon.Drift: 5. Kg had feeding is picking up more bait after eating, floating phase is many times more half an eye, mouth time for under strong, more than half an eye or HeiPiao main raised fish had low below half a kilo, I catch small for 7 fishing 1 eye, had the hook to rub the bait, bait bait, fishing a yard focus on micro black a dozen is allowed;And the eating mouth of more than kg daifei is very similar to carp, which is inhaled after being determined edible with a slight touch. The floating phase of daifei is mostly slight trembling, and then strong next meal or fast black drift.6. Note: the best amount of float lead and the reasonable matching line group, such as 3 grams of lead, the main line is best between 3.0 and 3.5 the most sensitive number, more than 1 hour no obvious drift next meal, have to re-check whether float work is maintained in the correct adjustment of fishing mesh, this link does not check will lead to the whole fish get poor and DO not know one of the reasons.Above is the wild fishing main attack tilapia personal summary shallow view, hope to give correction for feeling.