Women’s volunteer “Sunshine Station” in Aishan Community of Sunite Right Banner carried out the “Spring Festival love volunteer walk” activity

2022-05-11 0 By

On the occasion of the New Year’s Day in 2022, the female volunteers of The “Sunshine Station” of Arshan Community, Saihantala Town, Sunite Right Banner, came to Jiri Galang Pension Service Center to carry out the activity of “Sending blessings and love for the New Year” to send festive greetings to the elderly.I wish them good health and all the best.Community workers give gifts such as summer quilts and Chinese knots to the elderly in nursing homes.Glorious 50 years in the party, now 81-year-old veteran party member Comrade Bao Yuzhen, the scene to sing the song “always be friends”.”Sunshine station” volunteers with their own haircut tools, put on volunteer vests, into the nursing home for the elderly hair, nail clipping, in the haircut process, “barber” also do not forget to talk with the elderly, jokes, meticulous service to the elderly face filled with happy smile.Respecting and caring for the elderly is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, and the female volunteers at the “Sunshine Station” hope to inspire more residents to care for the elderly through their little actions.