“Workers” spring | punch one hundred cultural relics, listen to story time

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Add new for the spring, add flavor to the year, feel the beauty of finance together.At the beginning of the Year of Yin tiger, the delicious cultural feast launched by the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China continues to accompany you.Under the premise of epidemic prevention and control, customers can participate in the “Work” Spring Festival and “Feel the Beauty of Finance” cultural heritage building punch card activity through online and offline ways.As a fund subsidiary of ICBC, ICBC Credit Suisse always attaches great importance to investor education and adheres to the service concept of public welfare, characteristics, sharing and professionalism.This event is not only a professional and characteristic exhibition of cultural relics, but also a public welfare and shared financial knowledge popularization class.Today, we would like to show you the third stop of the punch card activity — the first Branch of ICBC Guangzhou. We sincerely invite you to experience this magnificent building with a history of one hundred years and listen to what moving stories its time has left us.Cloud, offline, ICBC Guangzhou first branch waiting for you!In Guangzhou, there is such a place that has witnessed the century-old history of China’s financial development. As a provincial-level cultural relic protection unit, it not only has a grand architectural appearance, but also has a profound historical background, attracting an endless stream of people to listen to its story of time. It is the first branch of ICBC in Guangzhou.Linzhu Water inherits from generation to generation “is the best comment on the superior position of this century-old cultural relic building.Icbc guangzhou first branch office is located at the south foot of Baiyun Mountain, the Pearl River bank Yanjiang Road no. 193, with a long history.First branch ▶ ◀ ︎ icbc in the 1990 s guangzhou ︎ sliding around to view more building was built in 1914 (the Chinese zodiac tiger), August 1924, sun yat-sen founded China’s first in the country named “central bank” bank, the bank building in the middle of the Europe type style after the wind and rain, still, the grand stand nan yue river,Writing financial stories with a group of bankers.One can find neoclassical links in their postasis, with their slender ionic columns and many elegant, simple and functional decorations.Walk through the hall, along the rear stairs to go up, the “mortise and tenon technology” on the stair handrail is more and more shining in the baptism of years, tall wooden doors, lattice glass Windows, blue stone steps and iron handrail, have retained the original style, giving a person with solemn, practical feeling.Step up the stone steps and enter the business hall. You can step into the second floor along the corridor around you. The marble floor allows the light to spill into the building through the caisson and western-style glass vertical Windows.More than a century has passed, this building with a century-old history has witnessed the evolution of modern Chinese finance and the development and growth of ICBC Guangzhou Branch.In the new era, this building will continue to carry forward the dream of ICBC employees, stay true to their original aspiration, and realize the financial dream of “enriching the people and strengthening the country, revitalizing the country and assuring the people”!Current office environment of Icbc Guangzhou branch ︎▶ ︎ sliding around to view more today as the provincial cultural relics protection unit clock in icbc’s first branch in guangzhou has become popular to people not only can feel the legend of the development of the one hundred financial more shocked by its grand and historic buildings through the building with the past to a “cross-century dialogue (sliding upwards to see more) you can also be used to view the” individual center “winning campaign pageSituation.Please enter the “Personal Center” to fill in the delivery address, the deadline for filling in the delivery address is April 30, 2022, the information can not be changed after saving, overdue or invalid information will be regarded as giving up the prize