January new energy vehicle sales ranking: BYD army attack, Hongguang MINI won the first

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Wen \ LanZhan permeability of the new energy vehicles in recent years, more and more high has become an indisputable fact that, from a confederation of retail sales statistics show that in January NEV car accumulative total sales reached 343000 units, year-on-year growth of 129.2%, including byd, chery, geely, gac, tesla China Ann, such as manufacturers have realized year-on-year growth,The hot trend of new energy vehicles can also be seen.From the point of view of specific models, wuling Hongguang MINI won the first place again in the car segment market, the monthly sales of 26,682 vehicles, year-on-year growth of 3.5%, a significant drop in the previous month.Macro light MINI market was obviously QQ ice cream and other models robbed a lot.Byd’s three sedans ranked 2nd to 4th, including BYD Qin, BYD Han and BYD Dolphin. Among them, BYD Qin’s monthly sales reached 26,541 units, up 1323% year on year. The growth rate is extremely exaggerated.This is not surprising, after all, BYD has been deeply ploughing new energy vehicle market for many years, whether in product reserve or technology reserve, BYD is a domestic new energy brother.The newly listed QQ ice cream actually goes the same way as Hongguang MINI, with low price and low configuration, but to meet the needs of ordinary consumers, sales are naturally soaring.In addition to the above models, Chery eQ, Euler cat, GAC Aion S, Xiaopeng P7, Keliwei, zero run T03 sales are also above 5000 sets, sales growth are not low, for new energy manufacturers, the best era is coming.New energy SUV BYD Song take off in the new energy SUV list, BYD performance is also eye-catching, among them BYD Song achieved a monthly sales of 20,722 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 2798%, can be called a ride.Tesla’s Model Y came in second, with 16,358 units sold in January, up 896 percent from a year earlier, a similarly impressive increase, though tesla already exports a significant portion of its models, otherwise its domestic sales would still rise.Ideal ONE is ranked third in the sales list of new energy SUV. In January, the sales volume was 12,268 units, successfully exceeding 10,000 units, with a year-on-year growth rate of 128.1%. As a new force of car making, it is not bad to have such a result.Byd Tang and BYD Yuan ranked 4th to 5th in the sales list of new energy SUV, with monthly sales of 8,847 and 6,596, respectively, which are still the leaders in the SUV market in terms of sales volume.In addition to the above models, Nezha V, AionY, NIO ES6, NEzha U and Kryp001 ranked 6th to 10th respectively, while the popular Volkswagen ID series did not make the top 10.Write in the end: from January new energy vehicle sales rankings, New energy vehicle sales in January still maintained the previous hot sales trend, relative to traditional fuel vehicles, its incremental situation is very prominent, and with the gradual popularity of new energy vehicles in the future, the domestic car market structure is expected to further adjust.(This article was originally produced by The Editorial Department of New Media. LAN Zhan is the author of this article.