Premiere number one!Let a person laugh while tears burst style campus Korean drama, worthy of tvN production

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The premiere episode got a 6.37% rating and sailed smoothly;The ratings of the second episode rushed to 8.01% word of mouth quickly rising, won the first audience ratings at the same time.No one had expected that 25 21, a school drama starring Kim Tae-ri and Nam Joo-hyeok, would do so well.The story is good, acting strong, coupled with the funny plot, the high sweet feelings between the male and female main heartache, strong won the title of the strongest Korean drama.The story opens in 1998 vitality high school girl luo Xi degree (Jin Tai li is acted the role of) with abjure rich 2 generation white yi Chen (South zhu Hyok is acted the role of) encounter.At that time, the financial crisis in South Korea, Luo Xidu therefore lost the opportunity to learn fencing, Bai Yichen home is therefore falling, overnight can only live in the basement of the ordinary people.Luo Xidu has a very worship idol, named Gao Yu Lin, is South Korea’s rare young fencing champion.In order to go to high yu Lin school fencing club, Luo Xidu came up with all kinds of ways to let the audience laugh: to participate in campus violence, put on her mother’s clothes to go to the bar, with all the best hope that the police can catch themselves into the police station, in order to achieve the purpose of “forced transfer”.This part of the plot is very funny, full of twists and turns, almost every 5 minutes there is a joke.On the other side, it is bai Yi Chen’s difficult job search.Fortune falls, Bai Yichen fails to finish school to drop out early.Everywhere apply for a job however everywhere rebuffed, original fair-weather friends also fall down one after another.The most abjection during, bai Yi Chen and Luo Xidu encounter.The girl’s vitality cures the youth’s melancholy, two people break through the youth’s confusion under the financial crisis together, bring the audience a laugh with tears, cure full story…Since the first episode, “twenty Five and twenty One” has presented a strong sense of youth and blood, the picture color is also very nostalgic, let the audience a second back to 1988 Korea.From the OST to the set to the acting, the show would be an 8 out of 10.The sense of youth is represented by the mutual encouragement and healing of Rohitu and Bai Yichen.As the title suggests, there is a four-year age gap between the two. Rosidu is a minor in high school, while Bai has already entered the adult world.Age gap, let two people get along when there is a very wonderful year on love meng feeling — such as mandatory transfer success, Roxidu went to the bar to drink, good accident into the box white Yi Chen.Want to install a bad student to drink but by bai Yi Chen a wine away, boyfriend force Max at the same time, be protected sweet feeling is also very enough.Another example is bai Yichen’s encouraging eyes and subtle care from details after Luo Xidu tells Bai yichen that his dream is to become a fencing champion. He tells Luo Xidu from adult experience that minors have the privilege to ask others for help.He gave rohitu a seat on a crowded bus under the pretext of protecting athletes.Corresponding, still minor brain is full of fancy luo Xidu, also bring white Yi Chen all kinds of unexpected happiness: the first episode because of the comic book was torn by the mother, so Luo Xidu had to fill his painting up the name scene, lovely to White Yi Chen could not help but laugh.When rohitu is depressed by being chastised by creditors, the artificial rain made by Bai Yi in the morning is romantic and healing.The setting of age difference makes the emotional line between two people more interesting, encourages each other to heal each other, and under the influence of each other, both of them will become better adults. This emotional trend is undoubtedly much more superb than the campus youth drama that only tells about love.The sense of blood is presented in the leading group “under the financial crisis of 1988 do not admit defeat, do not accept fate”.Some have lost their dreams. Some have even lost family members.The protagonists are perplexed by the question, “Is it the era that robbed me of my dream?” but it is only temporary. They are trying to find a way to overcome adversity.Process blood burning, see people cry and laugh.Everyone can not believe the eyes, Luo Xidu in the school fencing club practice matches beat gold medal champion Gao Yu Lin.But bai Yichen has never stopped the pursuit of a new life, even if it is living in a narrow basement, has always remembered once written on the paper of the “dream” two words, work hard, seize all the time to learn, do not be the fate of the capricious defeat of the cowardly crowd.The acting of the two actors in this play is very good.It is hard to believe that Kim Tae-ri, who plays the leading actress Rohido, is already 32 years old.In the drama, a girl from Genji High School looks like a cute girl who walks and shouts loudly when she is angry. She wants the whole world to know that she is happy.The cuteness of the drama, so that countless female audiences are also MOE, for the story of many additional points.Compared with “Ha Bo’s bride” in the stiff and be laughed at acting, and “started” in the obvious inferior to the male two people set, this time South juhyuk acting progress a lot, will bear and perseverance of the poor rich second generation interpretation is very three-dimensional.The setting of the role of Bai Yichen has also become more flesh and blood. In the follow-up plot, this character will usher in a very big growth, which is worth paying attention to.”Twenty five twenty one” the first 2 sets, the drama is still only account of the men and women’s leading role in the past and meet after the story.In addition, there are three protagonists, are fencing champion high yu Lin, like high yu Lin boys Wen Zhixiong, and Wen Zhixiong childhood sweetheart Chi Shengguan.From the set trailer, there is a very close friendship between the five people line, at the same time, high yu Lin and Wenzhixiong two people will become the play love phase kill deputy CP.I believe that according to the current pace of the story development, the follow-up plot will be more and more beautiful, we wait and see.