The geological museum of Baoding Institute of Technology has become the demonstration base of popular science in Hebei Province and has been listed

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Baoding, March 11, news recently, from Baoding Institute of Technology, the geological Museum of the School of Resources and Engineering technology was identified by hebei Science and Technology Department in June 2021 as the second batch of special features — 3-star science demonstration base in the field of astronomy and geography science and was listed.Popularizing geological knowledge and helping cultural construction.The geology department of Baoding Institute of Technology was established in 2007, and the geological Museum was born. It is the only comprehensive geological museum in Baoding area that integrates teaching, scientific research and popular science.The specimen display of the geological museum is divided into indoor and outdoor galleries. The main exhibition hall of the indoor exhibition hall displays more than 3,000 ammonoids with a diameter of nearly 1 meter, as well as complete rock specimens of the North China Formation. The sub-exhibition hall displays 9 silastic wood fossils with a height of 1.6 meters.The outdoor gallery features 11 giant rocks, the largest of which weighs nearly 750 tons.The geological Museum receives an average of more than 100 times of government, educational institutions and social groups within and outside the province each year, with nearly 10,000 visitors, and holds 135 lectures on popular science, with a total audience of 20,000.Ammonite (Nautilus) exhibition hall a scene according to principal yu Songbo introduction, the school in strict accordance with the construction standards, strengthen management, increase investment, strengthen the team, innovative methods, in the completion of the school teaching at the same time, actively participate in the provincial and municipal organization of science and technology activities week, youth science activities and other major science activities,Popularizing scientific knowledge, advocating scientific methods, spreading scientific thoughts and carrying forward scientific spirit, making positive contributions to the cultural publicity of Baoding city and the development of science popularization in Hebei Province.Tian Luxian, Zhang Jianhua