Lingshui public security 24 hours “not closed” loyal guardian

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Firecrackers sound farewell, beaming to welcome the New Year, when we reunite, gather together the Spring Festival.There is a place where, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, civilian police attachx {5e66] remain at their posts.Alarm, recording, scheduling, feedback…Stick to this end of the phone to guard the safety of the other end, this is lingshui County public Security Bureau 110 command center.”Hello, Lingshui 110!”This phrase will always help people in need of help to find the direction to solve the problem.During the Spring Festival, the 110 command Center of the Public Security Bureau of Lingshui County is brightly lit 24 hours a day when thousands of families are decorated with lanterns and family reunion. The receiving police officers stick to the reception desk every inch of the place, connecting the safety and harmony of thousands of families through phone calls.More blessings less police wish you peace and happiness.Zheng Yan is a policeman in the 110 command Center. This is her 10th year working here. She chooses to stick to her post in the lobby every Spring Festival.This Spring Festival, she hopes that the county police situation is less and less, more hope that everyone is safe and auspicious, hope that the beautiful Lingshui more and more harmonious and stable.I feel tired sometimes, but I feel happy to help others.I just can’t spend Chinese New Year with my child every year…”Speaking of 110 receiving and disposing police work, Zheng Yan is full of pride, but she seldom has time to accompany her family during the festive season, and she always feels guilty.”The Spring Festival for us police is very simple. We stick to our posts and celebrate the Spring Festival with our colleagues, which I think is also a kind of reunion.””Said Lin Pei, a newly recruited police officer from the 110 command center last year.Lin pei is in charge of dispatching road police, patrol cars and video patrols.”110?My granddaughter is lost in the Sea rhyme square!You police hurry up to help me find!”On New Year’s Eve, police officers received an urgent call for help from an elderly woman.Lin pei quickly made a video surveillance patrol and immediately gave instructions to the Wolf Warrior car patrolling the street. Five minutes later, he found the missing girl.The old lady breathed a sigh of relief and thanked 110.Li Ya-zhen is an auxiliary police officer of 110 command center. This year is the sixth year he has become an auxiliary police officer of Lingshui County Public Security Bureau. It is also the sixth Spring Festival spent in the hall of 110 command Center.”Working in the 110 command Center is like fighting at the front line. There are people on duty 24 hours a day, regardless of holidays. For us, the Spring Festival is just the most ordinary day among 365 working days.”We have sacrificed time for family reunions during the Spring Festival, but we are very glad that we can help people solve their problems.””Said Riazhen.”The 110 Command Center is responsible for the command, overall planning and coordination of the county’s public security organs, which is related to the safety of people’s lives and property in the county.When people in the county celebrate the Spring Festival, it is also the busiest time for our command and dispatch work.”In 2021, the 110 command center of lingshui County Public Security Bureau accepted 87,698 public alarm cases, solved 11,824 problems for the people, and handled 5,457 relief and dispute cases, making a positive contribution to the county’s social peace and stability, people living and working in peace and contentment and the construction of “Three Lingshui”.