Nig Maitti Li Sisi, Ren Luyu Sa Beining reciting words backstage of CCTV Lantern Festival gala

2022-05-13 0 By

A backstage video of the CCTV Lantern Festival rehearsal was posted online on Feb 14, with famous CCTV celebrities such as Sa Beining, Li Sisi and Ren Luyu appearing, as well as The mascots of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Xue Rongrong and Bing Dandong.Li Sisi and Nig Maiti are busy and Bing Dudun dun group photo, Li Sisi that day wearing blue skin-tight dress, white skin tight look good, slim and graceful figure, high appearance level temperament dignified atmosphere, and more than 20 years old as beautiful, as if mermaid general.Nygmaiti, on the other hand, was wearing a red satin top and black trousers, with a standing collar that made him look particularly sharp, with regular features and a strong figure.Sa Beining and new host Ma Fan shu in the stands this back words, Ma Fan Shu wearing bubble sleeve flower dress, collocation wave long curly hair temperament gentle and sweet, facial features delicate three-dimensional beauty, but may be because of the new reasons, her expression is obviously some nervous.Sa Beining is kind to the camera, the character is still lively jump off.Ren Luyu is also carefully reciting his lines. Although he is already a senior in CCTV, he is still meticulous in his work and takes all the time to practice.He wore a blue embroidered Tang suit that day, with an antique look that suited his sedate aura.Netizens have left comments in the comments section praising the strong lineup of hosts and expecting full marks for the Gala.Many celebrities have been spotted rehearsing for CCTV’s Lantern Festival gala, including veteran performers such as Sun Tao, and young performers such as Song Yiwanqian, Shang Wenjie and Zhou Bichang.Look forward to the broadcast of the Lantern Party, also wish the party can get good results.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete