Safety tips!Zhuhai people must not buy these high-risk food for the New Year!

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Cold and raw food lovers beware!On January 29, the Xiangzhou District Market Supervision Administration issued a warning on food safety during the Spring Festival, warning citizens to avoid online shopping of cold dishes, raw food, cold processed cakes and other high-risk food.Remind the public: when purchasing food, to hold valid certificates and qualifications of the food business units to buy.Do not buy imported cold chain food (including imported fruits) with unknown source, without inspection and quarantine certificate, without disinfection certificate and without passing detection.Do not buy unlicensed liquor in bulk or in brewing.Do not buy live poultry, puffer fish, snails, wild mushrooms and other wild animals and plants.When buying pre-packaged food, we should pay attention to the label information on the packaging, especially the key content such as production date, shelf life and storage conditions.Do not buy damaged outer packaging, beyond the shelf life of food.The purchase of bulk food (except edible agricultural products), should observe the container for holding food is marked with the name of food, production date, shelf life, the name of the producer and operator and contact information and other content, do not buy no label identification, appearance of abnormal, over the shelf life of bulk food.Make a list of goods before shopping, reduce the stay time in malls and supermarkets, and pay attention to wearing masks, measuring body temperature, controlling distance, not talking, touching less, and washing hands frequently.Cross – contamination of raw and cooked food should be prevented when cooking at home.When cooking food, cook thoroughly, especially pay attention to meat, poultry, eggs and seafood and other high-risk food;Beans, lentils, oil beans and other pod food must be first over boiling water, and then stir-fry until fully cooked;Homemade soy milk should be fully boiled.Try not to eat cooked food and leftovers overnight. If the sensory properties have not changed after being placed in the refrigerator, heat them thoroughly when eating them again.Staff remind: eating out should choose to hold A valid food business license of the restaurant, not without A license, small stores and street stalls repast, try to choose to strictly enforce the epidemic prevention and control measures (guest registration information, measuring temperature, check code) and food safety of quantitative grades for grade A or B (” smiling face “of” laugh “respectively” smile “) of the restaurant.When eating out, try to choose hot food. If you choose to eat cold dishes, braised cooked meat, sashimi and other cold food and raw food, you should pay attention to check whether the restaurant’s “Food Business License” contains cold food and raw food business items.During the festival, many citizens choose take-out meals.Pay attention to these places too!Selling point meal to choose a physical store, license, close, quantitative level of high food and beverage service units.When ordering food using a delivery platform, the platform can be required to implement “contactless” delivery.Do not store food for a long time. Reheat food if necessary.Try to avoid online shopping cold dishes, raw food, cold processed pastry and other high-risk foods.If you find illegal food operation, please call complaint hotline “12345” “12315” in time.Forward alerts!Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: