The torch for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics is carried on a small train

2022-05-13 0 By

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Torch relay completed its 3.4-kilometer run at zhangjiakou Industrial and cultural theme Park yesterday afternoon, with 45 torchbearers.Because this point has a special relationship with railway and train, when the torch relay here is nearing the end, there was a dazzling scene.Reporter Yang Xue: The biggest highlight of the torch relay in Zhangjiakou Industrial and cultural theme park is that there are two torch relay on the beijing-Zhangjiakou railway track.Torchbearers ride on a modified bullet train decorated with the theme “Auspicious Snow and Spring” to complete the relay.The old beijing-Zhangjiakou railway, which represents China’s modern industry, and the high-speed train, which represents China’s speed, will witness the arrival of the Winter Olympics together.Zhang WENRUI, Beijing 2022 TORchbearer: Sitting on the train, walking on the tracks of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou railway, which is more than 100 years old, it’s definitely a different feeling, very proud, very proud.I’m very lucky. I think it’s a legacy.Reporter Yang Xue: The opening of The Beijing-Zhangjiakou Railway, China’s first self-designed and self-built railway, has driven the industrial development and prosperity of Zhangjiakou.Time, time changes, the original industrial zone has become the park of the city, while the old Beijing railway in zhangjiakou area is no longer in use, but in the industrial culture theme park south 7 kilometers place, the 2022 Beijing Olympics Zhang Gaotie traffic main security that Beijing is the world to show the “China speed”.Beijing and Zhangjiakou have witnessed the development of the city for a hundred years, and we also look forward to the Winter Olympics, zhangjiakou will glow with new vitality.