Where is haikou’s tourism worse than Sanya’s?

2022-05-13 0 By

Sanya this Spring Festival, there are many people!Everyone in Sanya is complaining about the high prices this Spring Festival.Before the Spring Festival a room only 130 yuan of small hotel, during the Spring Festival reached more than 1000, this is not exaggerated, exaggerated is more than 1000 have no room, more than 1000 have no room is not exaggerated, exaggerated is to open the small boss of the hotel said: the price of this house is too expensive!Hahaha, is this typical Versailles?Complaining has become the theme in Sanya.There are too many people in the scenic area, so we eat barbecue till 3 o ‘clock in the evening, and the barbecue stall is still turning over the platform!There is only one thing you have to do in every scenic spot in Sanya, and that is queue.The line is endless.Queuing at the same time, many even infrastructure are no place, even the net red card point place is not, people can only shoot more people as a memorial.But it was still crowded.Compared to sanya’s unusually hot, the city of Haikou on Hainan Island is relatively quiet a lot.Unfortunately, in the same small island, it is said that the treatment is too different.Tourism, which relies on weather, also suffered an unfair treatment. Four days of rain during the Spring Festival in Haikou wiped out 46 percent of the number of visitors during the same period last year.It’s like a world apart from the rain.Of course, the usual scenery of haikou tourism than Sanya gap several haihua Island.But even haikou itself has seen fewer visitors this year.Sanya belongs to seaside tourism, haikou is more suitable for slow travel.Sanya is more youthful, haikou more gentle.Haikou also needs to dig its own advantages in brand promotion and cultural connotation. After all, compared with the youth place, Haikou has a deeper foundation.