Here are a few sweet dramas that contain excessive amounts of sugar to save you from a lack of drama

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In recent years, the TV series you broadcast is one after another, many plays are very good, all kinds of themes have, have to say, a lot of plays are really very dog blood.Ordinary people’s life and work is very hard, all want to watch some small sweet drama to relieve pressure, today xiaobian to share a few sweet drama to you, each one is sweet drop teeth, worth staying up late to catch up, like chasing drama friends come to see it.”Moonlight Variations” is adapted from a novel of the same name written by Qingyi, written by Jinjiang Literature City. It tells the story of a young, inexperienced editor who meets the “two faces” writer, Daychuan, and starts a relationship with each other.This play just listen to the name thought is silly white sweet play, but in fact is not, the whole play did not strengthen male, on the contrary is mainly about female sincerity and efforts, and this play or Yu Shuxin and Ding Yu Xi starring, two actors acting is very good, inspirational and sweet.2, “Perfect Mr. And almost miss” the play is based on wan of the novel of the same name, about the high cold abstinence perfect male god professor Zhang Sinian and Buddha sunshine “almost miss” yunshu romantic story.This play is the first love between teachers and students after marriage, have to say, this play is really too good, men and women high level of appearance, very matched, just directed at this lineup is very want to follow the play, and the male master tea ability is very strong the whole play is very sweet.3, “beautiful scenery good time” the play adapted from the author of Jinjiang literature city shake novel “Ming Gun easy to hide, like difficult to prevent”, tells the story of positive energy singer Liang Chen and e-sports department senior students, popular anchor Lu Jing between each other, grow up together inspirational story.This play is the subject matter of love, such story is more popular, but also Lin yi, Xu Lu starring, two people or very matched, the whole play is not abusive point, and the men and women’s counterplay is also very sweet.4, Witty Love Life tells the story of the workplace in the workplace smart rookie Li Qian, with the “loser boss” and longtime friend Gu Zhe on a business trip abroad, a strange combination of circumstances encountered a dark workplace “old fox” Ning Chengming, thus happened a series of funny love stories.The show of the audience knows, the play is very sweet, love life of wit although character is a complex relationship, editing and let these relationships become more difficult to sort out, but the overall story is pretty good, stupid boss assistant qiqi and waste from zhe appearance is the punchline and the play in addition to the two men are full intelligence quotient (IQ) online, have a good watch stars.5, “I don’t want to be friends with you” the play tells the story of rebellious girl Li Progress overnight back to the past, and young mother Li Qingtong met, thus launched a wonderful story of healing.This play is really the ceiling of youth play, this play is Ma Sichao, Zhuang Duffy, Chen Haoyu and others starring, the whole play is very warm, and the actors acting is also very natural.The performance of a few young actors has some of the place of bright eye, although there is no more than superb acting, but win in clean natural youth breath.Today xiaobian to share these can not be missed small sweet drama, each is very good, wonderful story, full of hotspot, which one do you like best?Feel free to share them in the comment box below.