New racing Yellow wrangler High Tide edition official map released

2022-05-14 0 By

According to sources, the 2022 JEEP Wrangler has a new color scheme and kit.It is understood that the new color of the main race yellow, in order to make the tough atmosphere full wrangler car show a better sense of youth, and the new kit package at the same time to upgrade the mechanical performance optimization.As for the price, the official overseas guide price is currently $50,835. Here’s a look at the upgrades.The exterior of the new Jeep wrangler basically follows the design of the previous Jeep Wrangler. The front face is still the classic 7-hole air intake grille and circular large light set. There is no too much line decoration on the whole, and the visual effect is simple and durable, presenting the unique mechanical beauty of the Wrangler family.The side of the body and the rear part of the car are completely consistent with the current model, the classic square box design with a variety of colors is very recognizable.Only a few details of the new car’s exterior have been changed, such as a variety of new racing yellow colors, the same color hardtop design, the hood decals, and the addition of a special drag on the doors to identify the car’s identity.In addition, the first 500 High Tide vehicles will be named Jeep Beach models, with a “Beach” sticker on the bonnet, which has some commemorative value.In the car, a large number of physical buttons and the central control screen coexist, although there is no leather and other luxury materials wrapped, but the texture is very good, emitting a trace of science fiction atmosphere.The overseas model has a 7-inch center screen, while the domestic version is standard with a larger 8.4-inch center screen.It’s still not as big as the 10-inch screen currently available on the market, but it’s enough for a hard-core OFF-road vehicle.Most of the upgrades focus on the hardware, including standard LED headlights, fog lamps, and Gorilla brand glass to take into account the Wrangler’s off-road nature.It also offers 35-inch Belloch K02 tires, 17-inch riderproof, 1.5-inch elevated shock absorbers, hinged reinforced doors and a 4.56 rear axle speed ratio.It is not difficult to see that the above configuration is optimized for extreme off-road conditions, which is also in line with its own hard off-road positioning, significantly improving its passability in bad road conditions.Last but not least: When it comes to hard-driving SUVs, wrangler is no doubt typical.Since the birth of the first civilian JEEP CJ model, it has been imitated by many successors. On the one hand, Wrangler has excellent off-road capability of plain vehicles, and on the other hand, its personalized appearance design also attracts many consumers.The High Tide version launched this time can be regarded as the official modified version. The relevant parts modified by JEEP engineers will undoubtedly be more excellent in terms of adaptability and performance.The positioning of the High Tide is also very accurate, which is in line with the needs of many hard off-road players. It is expected to achieve good results in the hard off-road community after the official launch in the future.