Once the heart is cold, it will be cold constellation, the heart is difficult to be hot again, clear and sharp

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Figure/source network in this paper, original, copy allowed – a lot of people will not because cheap and easy to give a person look, most of the time, they are just to own request, is goal for life, so look at the problems in the met with yourself in some way not at the same time, will be relatively straightforward to express their ideas and thoughts.Then, without knowing it, everyone tried their best to maintain their own three views, adhere to their own judgment and independent opinion, and the contradiction also came into being, and even intensified.Of course, a cold war is likely to develop when someone feels disappointed and becomes disheartened.At this time, they feel that since there is no possibility of reconciliation between each other, and even feel that the fate between each other has become a kind of inappropriate evil fate, the heart is difficult to be covered heat.Feelings are so delicate, want to get better, the process is long and heavy responsibility, can choose to break the jar broken often can be achieved within a second.Cancer In fact, Cancer has a strong desire to express themselves, but these people are naturally introverted, restrained, and like to suppress their ideas.Therefore, Cancer likes to hide the heart, and then a person silently chewing, even if it is bitter and tired, will choose a person chewing and swallowing.Indeed, these people are easy-going, cautious, prudent, and eager to get others to understand, but this idea is in most of the time, Cancer feel is a kind of wishful thinking.Therefore, is in such a case, Cancer will slowly choose a person alone, even if there is no water like Scorpio as high and cold, but cancer’s noble temperament, also show no doubt.In fact, Cancer values relationships very much. As mentioned above, these people like to stay on their own, just because they have few like-minded friends.Therefore, they would rather a person in their own design of a small world quietly alone, as long as there is a friend who knows them, also know the cold and hot, Cancer will be desperate to contact with each other.It’s just that although Cancers tend to be emotional, most of the time they tend to think of themselves as being very rational, which is paradoxical.Because other people once in some details did not let cancer feel satisfied, even feel very disappointed, and then cancer’s mood will rise.This kind of emotion is very small at the beginning, and the other party can’t detect it. When Cancer brews more strong negative emotion, then even if the other party realizes the seriousness of the problem at this time, it is estimated that it is very difficult to make up for it.Delicate and fragile, Cancer tends to be cold hearted when they feel cold, as if they have to satisfy their needs that are being taken seriously.However, no one is perfect, gold is not perfect, everyone in the process of growing up, will encounter some experience, also do not have much grasp of things, if at this time, others also ask too high, even too much, it is easy to backfire.Of course, Cancer also understand this truth, but in the face of their real care, or even love of the people, they are difficult to do calm, or objective and calm treatment.Because in general, Cancer is still lack of security in their nature, once the mind becomes no longer clear and sharp, but to the point of fantasy.So, at this time, cancer’s heart on the tumult, the wind and clouds, and even regardless of the trouble.-end-