Wechat double open, hover typing?OPPO Find N is the best post-holiday office assist!

2022-05-14 0 By

With the Spring Festival over and the working week just around the corner, many people are back at their jobs and working hard on their plans for the New Year.However, many people do not quickly break out of their vacation “leisure mode” and do not return to normal productivity.However, some people keep up the pace of their work with the latest smart devices, and the OPPO Find N folding flagship has greatly improved their work experience, which is highly appreciated by those who have started using it.(OPPO Find N can help in work scenarios) How can OPPO Find N improve work efficiency?From an experience point of view, the phone’s optimization for the larger screen is noteworthy.The official folding flagship has been adapted to a number of mainstream applications, making full use of the 7.1-inch large screen effect that is close to the ratio of one to one, making the layout of App content more humanized and outstanding.Especially with parallel Windows, OPPO Find N greatly reduces the amount of time we have to switch between screens in the same application.As shown in the picture below, after activating the parallel window by setting, common applications such as Weibo and B station can display the main menu and details at the same time.OPPO Find N 7.1 inches is divided into two equal to the size of the screen, as the two mobile phones used at the same time, when we click the main menu option on the right side of the display content, the left intact, the content browsing more quickly and easily let us read leadership colleagues work contents and requirements, as well as determine information need docking.OPPO Find N parallel window can not only be used in chat, but also improve our reading efficiency in the public account.Is also a main menu on the left the right content in detail, two Windows running at the same time the effect of mutual interference, we can quickly check the needed information, for the collection, keywords to capture relevant office in effect very good, the operation even more efficient than a computer, don’t have to switch back and forth in the window, immersive experience at work more depth.(OPPO Find N can be used in multiple office applications for immersive reading and use.) In addition to using parallel Windows, some people have taken advantage of the OPPO Find N on the move to upgrade their typing experience by hovering freely.As you can see in the demo, the OPPO Find N supports folding and hovering from multiple angles. The phone has two symmetrical display areas, the top and bottom, and the new keyboard ADAPTS to typing mode when entering new screens such as “Notes.”Compared with daily keyboard typing, the efficiency of daily mobile typing has been significantly improved. From chat reply to text editing, OPPO Find N has played a unique office effect.(OPPO Find N hover + custom keyboard to improve typing efficiency) After a brief experience, the OPPO Find N is more useful in the office than we imagined.The folding flagship beyond the general concept of communication tools, in addition to surf the net, sweep the yard completed and so on function at the same time, also can in the work, for commonly used WeChat, weibo, B station applications such as “parallel Windows with double screen screen usage scenarios, more free hovering optimization experience in typing, and mobile phone and double refers to split screen, four refers to the floating window, such as gestures,Mobile phones are more convenient to use.The OPPO Find N will go on sale again on February 11 for its unquestionable usefulness in the office environment.