What are the stocks about sugar

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The sugar stocks are CofCO Sugar, Guan Nong shares, Guangdong Ganhua, Bowling Bao, Guangdong GUI shares.1. Firstly, Guangdong Ganhua produces and sells sugar, pulp, paper, yeast, alcohol, building materials, biochemical and pharmaceutical products (produced and operated by subordinate enterprises with licenses), chemical products and metal materials (excluding gold and silver).Motor and chemical machinery manufacturing and processing;Instrument testing and repair;Guangdong Ganhua has a unique resource advantage in sugarcane gasoline project.Ethanol is made by fermenting sugar crops such as sugar cane and corn.Lotus brand white sugar has won the national excellent silver award and the first batch of Guangdong famous brand product title.Second, Baolingbao Biology Co., Ltd., located in No. 1, Dongwai Ring Road, Yucheng High-tech Development Zone, Shandong Province, is a “national Key high-tech enterprise” led by biological engineering, one of China’s top 100 Food additives enterprises, a pillar enterprise of “China Functional Sugar City”, and a partner of OLIGO program for public Nutrition improvement.Baoling Biological oligosaccharides, high fructose, polyols and other products have all passed the international standard certification.Bao Ling bao won the title of “China famous brand product” in the field of functional sugar.With the mentality of “professional, dedicated and expert”, Bowling Bao has successfully shaped the market image of “expert in functional ingredients”.Baolingbao Biology Co., Ltd. takes “Walking with giants and synchronizing with the world” as its strategic position.It has many scientific research institutions, such as China Sugar Engineering Technology Research Center, China Functional Sugar Collaboration Secretariat, China Oligosaccharide Product Quality Testing Center, and provincial technical Center. It is an important incubator base for scientific and technological achievements in China’s fermentation industry and a national functional sugar production base.The history of sugar: Humans have known for some time that they get sweet foods from fresh fruits, honey, and plants.Later, it developed to produce caramel from cereal, and then developed to produce sugar from sugarcane and beet.The use of grain for brewing sugar was a great advance for mankind.In the Book of Songs: Daya, written in the Western Zhou Dynasty, there is a line called “Zhouyuan 膴膴, Viola tea is like Yi”, which means that the land of the Zhou Dynasty is so rich and beautiful that even viola and lettuce are as sweet as caramel.