Who is the ending of wen ju bank married?Who played the part?

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She married a doctor, her feelings are very bumpy, at first she and Qiao Yicheng together, later they break up, Wen Juan and rural people married after domestic violence, later divorced and a doctor together.This role comes from “Joe’s children”, wen Juan and brother Joe into a very complex emotional story, two people are teachers and students love.Her life on the shore can be said to be unfortunate. The relationship between her parents was not very good. Later, she became the child of a single parent family and longed for her father’s love from childhood.Joe 10%’s presence warmed her heart, and she warmed Joe 10%’s heart.But two people did not come to the end, although Joe into and wen Ju shore broke up, but always can not put her.In the ending, Wen Juan marries a doctor. After breaking up with Qiao Yicheng, she also has several relationships, but her love life is not happy, and she is physically damaged by domestic violence, which can be said to be very pitiful.Who played the part?Is sun Yihan played, she played wen Ju an is a seemingly gentle but rebellious girl.Although Wen Juan looks very quiet and bookish on the surface, in fact she is very rebellious, she is fed up with her mother’s discipline, she hopes to have a different life.Unfortunately, her rebellion also let her eat a lot of suffering, the above is about the role of wen Ju shore.