A man suddenly fainted during the journey armed police officers and soldiers to help

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On February 2nd,Coincided with the annual lunar calendar people still immersed in the Spring Festival reunion of the festival of changsha huanghua international airport T1 terminal to layer has a middle-aged man seizures faint crying beside his wife to people around you for help attract some travelers looked as researchers gathered caused the attention of army officers and soldiers on patrol armed police changsha mid-team leader Wang Jiangying led the patrol team members arrived at the scene quickly intoLine after disposal of patrol group arrived at the scene immediately while to do a good job of calm family of crowd evacuation and dispatch team to alert the surrounding traffic control to ensure that the terminal in order to reduce unnecessary commotion chaos by man family immediately when he heard the man suffers from epilepsy history airport YiJiu center to help rescuers on the scene after the tourAble to officers and soldiers to help medical personnel will be rushed to hospital for patients with later by understanding the man from his hometown with his family to attend daughter wedding way off the plane at rest after seizures then fainted unconscious has discharged the next morning the man got attended the wedding of his daughter and to the squadron armed police officers and soldiers expressed his sincere thanks and regards the current during the Spring Festival family reunion in this beautiful momentDays we armed police officers and soldiers are still holding on own post a fertile territory, WeiYiFang peace although many officers and soldiers cannot be reunited with his family during the holiday season but see was safe, the motherland ankang all this stick to deserve the supervision: Chen Hui army chief editor: li bin editor: YangYing Kun author: Wang Jiangying Yang Bopeng health contribute (A) email address:hnwjhyn@163.com