A shares: about the next market, and A few more wordy, in order to know

2022-05-15 0 By

Qian Tao lu is hard, blowing yellow sand only to gold.A shares yesterday after two rounds of intense multi – empty game, finally hit the bottom of the rise ushered in more than 3000.Let me say a few more words about the next market so that you have a clear idea.First, there is a big news next door, interest rate hike and contraction of the rhythm affects the heart of each shareholder, but no matter how the result is actually expected in the market, has already fallen ahead of digestion, if it really comes as expected is bearish cash, and if it is better than expected will usher in a greater strength of repair.Two, yesterday, there were two waves of rapid diving, but also followed by a rapid pull up, such action for the bottom washing stage is twice the result of the effect, those who are hesitant and uncertain heart were washed out, so the remaining is also more determined bulls.Dishes that don’t have too many obstacles can move more briskly, and the more thoroughly they are washed now, the more aggressive the post-holiday offensive will be.Some say China is the “favorite country” among the 30 or so emerging markets to invest in in 2022.Others are so confident that we can not belittle ourselves, but also have long-term faith.Four, the last two trading days before the Spring Festival market will continue to strengthen repair, of course, there will be shrinkage, after all, the node special do not be surprised, here a bit slower to plate the foundation of a little more solid is a good thing.Pay attention to avoid the current high in the ebb tide period and there are obvious mines expected to be good.If uncertain performance as far as possible do not bet, the basic trend reflects the market performance expectations.Personal point of view, for reference only!The real money in your hand is your own, and it all depends on how you perceive the market.