I am on duty during the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger! Jilin Special police are on duty day and night to ensure the festival is safe

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During the Spring Festival, the Special police Detachment of Jilin Municipal Public Security Bureau closely followed the requirements of the Municipal Party Committee to comprehensively strengthen the overall prevention and control of social security. In accordance with the working requirements of the “1, 3 and 5 minutes” rapid response mechanism, the special police of Jilin Municipal Public Security Bureau strictly implemented the “four mechanisms”, such as preparation for street movements, and did a solid job in social patrol and prevention.In jilin city railway station square, east, and west century square, people’s square and other personnel is concentrated, the key area of liquid, complex area public security as the cruise control, take action step is complementary, car tour, tour, the implementation of day and night shifts, armed patrols, screening of various kinds of potential safety hazard in time, take the initiative to accept the crisis rescue, ready to deal with the case of emergency;Regular and irregular patrols will be carried out in urban areas, round-the-clock regular preparations will be carried out, emergency guard work will be well done, and street police and stewards will be raised.For the people can spend a safe, stable, peaceful New Year’s Festival, to ensure the continuous security and stability of jiangcheng society.During the Spring Festival, the Special police detachment of jilin Municipal Public Security Bureau always maintained a constant police presence, and made every effort to create a safe and stable social security environment for the masses, to ensure that the people’s life is orderly and the public security is stable, and the people celebrate the Spring Festival in peace and harmony.Source: Cailian News