The 2022 Ningxia High School entrance examination is scheduled

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On April 6, the education department of the autonomous region issued a notice on the work of the 2022 Middle school Scholastic Ability Test.According to the notice, exams in subjects such as Chinese, ethics and rule of law, history, mathematics, English, physics, chemistry, geography and biology will be held from June 28 to 30.The city, county (district) self-organized English listening and speaking test, information technology, physical education and health, physical chemistry and biology experiment operation (including eighth grade), music art and calligraphy comprehensive practice, comprehensive quality evaluation and other subjects, in principle, before the end of May all completed.According to the notice, from 2022, the listening and speaking test of English will be conducted in human-machine dialogue mode, and the original score will be counted as the total score of the high school entrance examination, and the listening test will no longer be organized in the unified English subject examination of the autonomous region.Each city, county (district) education administrative departments to do a good job in the middle school examination work, especially to do a good job in English listening and spoken language “man-machine dialogue” test work, to ensure that everything is safe.Any unit and individual must not mobilize junior high school graduate to leave school ahead of schedule or do not attend an examination for any reason.”Notice”, stressed that the testing system is focus on examining students’ ideal faith, patriotism, moral cultivation, knowledge, insights and fighting spirit, comprehensive quality, and pay attention to examine the basic knowledge, basic skills, the process of thought, innovation consciousness and the ability to analyze and solve problems, and combining the discipline characteristic setting up reasonable test structure,Reduce the proportion of mechanical memory test and objective test, increase the proportion of inquiry, openness and comprehensive test.Man-machine conversation Test The man-machine conversation test involves students taking the senior high school entrance examination (CEE) by sending signals through headphones and microphones on a computer in a “man-machine conversation” manner.The test content mainly includes the selection after listening, listening to paraphrase and imitation reading three parts.All along, in ningxia high School entrance examination English listening and speaking test, the listening test is carried out by examinees listening to the recording and broadcasting to answer the written test, and the speaking test is carried out by examinees and examiners face to face.In 2016, Yinchuan took the lead in using “man-machine dialogue” to test English listening and speaking in the middle school entrance examination, with good results.In 2022, the listening and oral English test of the regional high school entrance examination will be conducted by human-machine dialogue, and the listening part of the autonomous region’s unified English subject test will no longer be organized.Source: Ningxia Education Department