“Zombie Campus” 6 actors each good unique!Uzbek man of Korean descent is extremely handsome

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Netflix’s new drama Zombie-On-Campus has topped the charts in many countries since its release in early 2022.Yoon Chan-young, Park Solomon and Cho Eui-hyun are also fans of the drama. With an average age of 20, they have undergone intensive martial arts training in order to present realistic and exciting fighting scenes in the drama.Yoon Chan-young, born in 1999, plays the leading role of Li Qingshan in “Zombie Campus” this time. He has not been too long since he was in high school. He shows the loyalty and momentum of high school students in place, and the pure love of the heroine also makes the audience have candy to eat in the bloody zombie movie.Yoon chan-young said in an interview that he wanted to be an actor or a soccer player since he was a child, but he chose to become an actor and worked hard following Kim soo-hyun s example.He graduated from Goyang Art High School and majored in acting. He went to school with Kim Yoo-jung and Maki-eun of Stayc, and is especially close to Maki-eun.Park Solomon uzbekistan and South Korean mixed Park Solomon, in the play as a physical Li Xiuhyuk, relying on the sign to kick down the zombie group, the handsome table let park Solomon’s popularity with straight into the sky.In just a few days after zombie School hit the newsstands, his number of IG fans has grown from over 100,000 to over a million. His charm is overwhelming!Park, who grew up in Russia, came to Korea in fifth grade.He used to dream of becoming a singer, but because he felt that he was not the best singer, he practiced dancing diligently and worked hard for b-boy.Later, she became an actor due to circumstances and successively acted in dramas such as Doctors and Revenge Notes, attracting attention both in supporting roles and leading roles.Liu Renxiu liu Renxiu in the drama as bullying classmates Yin Kui nan, vicious and cruel eyes and loss of humanity let people see the spine of the cold, can not tell whether it is terrible zombies or terrible people.Liu used to be a track and field athlete, but she had trouble training for zombie Campus.In an interview, he said that after 20 minutes of his first training session, he was so tired that he went to the bathroom to throw up.Park Ji-hoo is only 18 years old. In zombie Campus, She plays Nam Wenzhao, who is about her own age, because her father is a fireman.I know a lot of common sense to deal with the crisis, always put forward solutions at the critical moment, so that the students around again and again through the difficulties.Park Joo-hoo, who is famous for zombie Campus, will play the younger sister of Kim Go-eun and Nam Ji-hyun in tvN’s new drama Little Women.”Little women”, by two high silver and Wei Hejun trend actors, and park with thick blessing now, surely will be born again a discussion degree ultra-high god show Zhao Yixian Zhao Yixian in “zombie campus” as the monitor Cui Na, seemingly is a only know to study, and students no intersection iceberg students with excellent grades, but after fleeing and Solomon park hand in hand,Between the two people slowly developed an ambiguous atmosphere, love line than the leading men and women also attract eyes!I believe there must be a lot of people recognize, Zhao Yixian is “witty doctor life” run fu.Although she did not accumulate many works in her debut in 2017, each one was a popular drama that attracted much attention. After “Zombie Campus” hit the shelves, zhao Yixian’s number of IG fans increased from 300,000 to 850,000, with her popularity skyrocketing!Li Yumei Li Yumei is 27 years old this year but has a super childlike appearance, wearing a uniform to play high school students also completely without violation!This time she played the villain Lee Na-yeon, the beginning of the human completely selfish face of performance, so that the audience wanted to hit the TV.Last year, the squid Game became a global hit, and Lee Woo-mi, who played Ji-young in the drama, became popular.In fact, Li Yumei as early as 2010 debut, accumulated a number of plays, films, also played a lot of important roles, but before the popularity of she would still take part-time jobs everywhere to earn living, in order to become an actress to make a lot of efforts.