Zhou xingchi can not think of, “A Chinese Odyssey” in the Love of Zixia Zunbao, written by others complete

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In 1995, “A Chinese Odyssey” was released in Hong Kong, earning 54 million yuan at the box office and barely covering its cost.The box office of 400,000 yuan in Beijing made “A Chinese Odyssey” branded as a bad film.The main reason is that the audience at that time could not accept Stephen Chow’s unrestrained adaptation.As for the content of the film, the audience did not understand.From 1999 to 2000, when the Internet became popular in China, students born in the 1980s became the first wave to surf the Internet.It was from that time that “A Chinese Odyssey to the West” came into people’s sight again.This time, the reaction of the audience was completely different. People not only began to accept Chow’s ridiculous humor, but also began to study the emotion Chow was trying to express in the film.With people’s research, it was found that in a Chinese Odyssey, Stephen Chow expressed a kind of “love but cannot” emotion.As netizens say, “Putting down a gold hoop can’t save you, putting on a tight hoop can’t love you.” This is the love story of Zhizunbao and Zixia.With the ending song “Love of My Life”, A Chinese Odyssey changes from a funny movie to a love story in people’s minds.In a Chinese Odyssey, Zixia once said, “Whether I know it or not, I am no longer a fairy. I only know one thing: loving someone is so painful.”Maybe this is what Stephen Chow wants to say through a Chinese Odyssey.At that time, no one could have imagined that the love story in this movie would become a miniature of Stephen Chow’s love life.Can let zhou Xingchi think of is in years later, there is a name “the origin of a big Story to travel to the West” the film will purple Xia and the love of supreme honour treasure draw a satisfactory full stop actually.The origin of A Chinese Odyssey was written and directed by A director named Dong Wei, who not only makes a connection between Zi Xia and Zhi Zun Bao, but also reinterprets the definition of qi Tian Da Sheng from his own perspective.The story line of “The Origin of A Chinese Odyssey” is very simple. Zixia is a lamp-wick who wants to find her lamp-lamplighter.By chance, she saw that her lamplighter was the great Saint of Heaven, so she used the treasure box to find the supreme treasure.But is the supreme treasure the Great Sage of Heaven?There is no explanation in the film.But the scriptwriter explained it all in one sentence: “Qi Tian Da Sheng is just a name, anyone can be Qi Tian Da Sheng.”That’s right, the scriptwriter just wants to tell everyone that The Monkey King that Zixia is looking for is not a person, Monkey King is just the name of the man who loves her, that’s all.In addition to this sentence, there is another sentence in the film, which is more likely to be addressed to someone as persistent as Stephen Chow.”Change with fate, persistence is bitter, let go is happy.”Stephen Chow is a persistent person, persistent in filming and affection.So Stephen Chow outside the film is not happy, he can not put down too many things.In the film, Zhi Zunbao once met a fortune-teller and asked the fortune-teller to help him and Zixia calculate their fortunes.The fortune-teller drew a heart for him and Zixia and said they would meet again in the third day.The scene then cuts to a nearby booth with a statue of a yuelao idol.This also implies that after the third period, The Supreme treasure and zixia will be together.Seeing this scene, I suddenly feel that the Origin of a Chinese Odyssey should be the sequel of Stephen Chow’s Chinese Odyssey.In this case, Purple xia and Supreme treasure have experienced the suffering of two worlds.The next life, they can be together.The most classic sentence in The Origin of A Chinese Odyssey is “I always want to change you into the way I like, but I can’t leave you now.”Although the film is not as funny or produced as Stephen Chow’s A Chinese Odyssey, nor does it have as many big-name actors and stars, the screenwriter really studied the story of A Chinese Odyssey deeply and made the most successful adaptation he wanted.More gratifying is that the plot is reasonable, there are causes and effects, but also uphold the kind of deep Stephen Chow, not superficial love.The Origin of A Chinese Odyssey gives the audience hope.The same love of my Life, but brings different feelings to people, perhaps this is the power of hope.Finally, I want to say that the end song “Pray for fate” really good, the soundtrack of the whole film is very colorful!# The origin of your Westward Journey #