In 2022, Shijiazhuang Residents’ Healthy Appearance Competition was launched

2022-05-17 0 By

According to the office of the Healthy Shijiazhuang leading Group, the 2022 Shijiazhuang Residents’ Healthy Appearance Competition has been launched.With the theme of “Healthy China — Shijiazhuang in action”, the event targeted qiaoxi District, Xinhua District, Chang ‘an District, Yuhua District and High-tech Zone. From April to September, a series of activities were held to advocate a civilized, healthy, green and environmentally friendly lifestyle, and to actively create a good social atmosphere of “everyone participates in and everyone is healthy”.Health talent competition this year, a total of three game content, set health talent selection, healthy family selection, healthy style community, by conducting various forms of health knowledge learning, fitness training to identify the city’s top ten health talent, top 10 healthy families, top ten style community and top 10 excellent organization.Registration time from now to April 10, the way to participate: one is through the selection and recommendation of each district, the other is personal voluntary registration.Citizens in the above five districts can learn about the activity and register for the competition through the wechat public account, grid group and working wechat group of the municipal Health And Welfare Office, the Municipal CDC, and the districts, offices and communities.The residents’ health style contest is a mass health activity brand continuously created by the City health Office and the municipal Health care Office. Since its launch in 2016, it has been held for six consecutive years, with a total of 378 communities and 70,000 citizens directly involved, indirectly affecting the masses up to 700,000 person-times.Source: Shijiazhuang Daily client