Long comfortable PULS 100 thousand level of home sedan, why is the performance so strong?

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The appearance of the new Changan Yitter PLUS is basically the same as the cash yitter, only different in details;The front face of the new car adopts a “butterfly wing” net, which is similar to the Ruicheng CC.In terms of size, the car is 9mm longer than the previous model, but has lost some of its width and height.The front lip under the front bumper is also very sporty, and the overall visual effect is greatly improved compared to cash.The car side shape is smooth, the waist line is straight and extends to the rear of the car, and the car is slender and long.In the automotive industry, the level of appearance is absolutely a necessary factor, the second generation of escape is well versed in this truth, using the family “butterfly wing type” air intake grille, with dynamic front surrounded design.The headlights are sharp in shape and integrated with LED daytime running lights.In terms of materials, the central control panel adopts piano baking paint and matte plating silver trim.In the compartment, the second generation of escape uses an enveloping cockpit structure, and the overall styling style is the same as that of Ruicheng CC.The all-black interior color scheme and brushed metal design give the interior more texture.At this point, the configuration of the new escape high-energy version is very satisfactory.The car is also equipped with intelligent driver assistance technology such as ACC with Stop/Go full speed adaptive cruise.In terms of configuration, the new car is equipped with ACC adaptive cruise, PAB warning auxiliary braking system and ESP body electronic stability system.In engine research and development, Chinese automobile enterprises also have many proprietary core technologies, such as.And the second generation of The DDI is powered by a Blue Core 1.6L GDI in-cylinder all-aluminum alloy engine, matched by an original Japanese Aishin third-generation CVT continuously variable transmission (analog 8-speed) transmission, with maximum power and torque of 128 HP.This design allows the engine to burn more fully, thus improving the vehicle’s power.I did not deliberately turn the CVT continuously variable transmission (analog 8 gear) to the advantage of ride comfort.Recently, Changan launched its second-generation Escape, which won the recognition of many consumers at that time with its efficient energy-saving performance.In terms of gearbox, Changcomfortable motor adopts the new generation CVT continuously variable transmission (analog 8 gear) gearbox imported from Japan, which is a very stable and reliable gold power combination.The event will run from March 24, 2022 to March 24, 2022