Small blindly chicken inside gold, but also 6 big effect

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Gold in chicken, I believe that often buy Chinese medicine friends must know.Generally speaking, the gold in chicken is mostly used for digestion, but if it is used only for digestion, how can it be called “gold”?Is gold, always sparkling, chicken gold has been crowned with the name of “gold”, naturally has its reason, today, and you to talk about chicken gold.The gold in the chicken is actually the inner wall of the chicken gizzard.After killing a chicken, take a chicken gizzard, immediately peel off the inside wall, wash and dry.So, what are the effects of gold in chicken?Let us count them all:Disappear of the product as we know, the chicken is by peck insects for food on the ground, however, the chicken is not like a man so fastidious, eat into the belly of bugs are not to wash, so bugs body with mud, sand? All of all is to eat into the belly, not only that, sometimes chicken will eat a few small stones, but there isn’t anything wrong with chicken said,Never abdominal pain and other uncomfortable symptoms, the eat, the sleep, the chatter, the egg laying, still live a free chicken.These are all based on the effect of digestion of gold in the chicken, chicken gold is like a powerful shredder in the chicken body, eat the food ah, stones, sand and so on all polished.Return to reality, at present, the Spring Festival is coming, now living conditions are getting better and better, often at noon that meal has not how to digest, and then have dinner, at this time, a little blind chicken gold can play the effect of digestion.”Materia medica of Southern Yunnan” : “Wide and invigorating spleen, digestion and grinding stomach.Cure children milk food stagnation, stomach big tendon green, ruffia and malnutrition.”Eat too much, congestion in the spleen and stomach, spleen and stomach qi machine rise and fall, there will be a feeling of abdominal distension, chicken gold power good digestion product, improve the coke blockage shape, if you think about it better, can add Atractylodes jianliqi.”Huangdi neijing” : “all wet swollen full, all belong to the spleen.”Atractylodes spleen and stomach health, digestion of the product of the force is even more.Chicken inside gold tongluo change sluggish traditional Chinese medicine often says empty is not filled, traditional Chinese medicine still has a sentence, empty is filled.In fact, two words did not say wrong, empty of course to fill, that empty is not filled how to understand?Basically is to say the person of body deficiency, spleen and stomach more weak, nourishing medicine this is sticky, the person of body deficiency after taking the spleen and stomach is difficult to transport and remove these nourishing medicinal materials, it is the reason that the deficiency is not filled.In addition, the disease of empty labor, channels and collaterals are blocked more, chicken gold can help spleen and stomach transport, but also to change the stagnation of channels and collaterals, the disease is self-healing.We have mentioned above, chicken gold can eat the stones, sand all consumed, therefore, chicken gold can not only eat, but also can be used as stone elimination, with the effect of stone elimination.Clinical, use at urological system stone more, or gallbladder stone is waited a moment.Such as Sanjin Pai Shi Soup, is such a treatment idea.It is common to find small lumps of lumps on one’s body, which in Chinese medicine could be called a “symptom”.These parcels are mostly qi stagnation and blood stasis in the body, qi and blood stasis in a piece, over time, heat and phlegm, accumulate in Cou logic, and phlegm core.Notice phlegm nucleus is not ordinary phlegm turbidity, it is difficult to resolve with general expectorant, chicken gold is longer than soft jian powder disease, modern medicine master Zhang Xichun old gentleman has a simple small formula – jianlixiaophlegm pills (chicken gold, atropractic), is such a way of thinking.Some people are older, congenital loss of this, weak kidney gas, bladder loss, and the frequency of urination, chicken gold work can be solid semen urination, often compatible with mantitheca mantitheca and other solid semen urination medicinal materials, for frequent urination.”Don’t record” : “the main small convenience, drowning, in addition to heat stop trouble.”Astringent essence of chicken gold also has astringent essence of astringent essence of chicken gold also has astringent essence of astringent essence of chicken gold, can converge kidney and astringent, often used with cuscuta, euryale seed and other astringent herbs.Finished talking about the efficacy of gold in chicken, and then briefly talk about how to use gold in chicken?Decocted or taken at the end of the day, however, grinding is better than decocting.