Yangzhou major projects in the first quarter have started 88 projects, all resumed work

2022-05-17 0 By

Today (February 11), the reporter learned from the provincial major project construction video scheduling meeting, in 2022, yangzhou city, a total of 17 projects included in the provincial major project list, up to now, 7 projects have started, the operating rate of 41.2%, completed investment 610 million yuan, investment completion rate of 6.8%.The city started 204 projects in the first quarter, and 88 projects have been started up to now, with a construction rate of 43.1%, completed investment of 2.93 billion yuan and investment completion rate of 8.6%.All the projects have been suspended during the Spring Festival holiday and have resumed work so far.Solid progress has been made in the construction of major projects. Since this year, the Municipal Office of Major Projects has formulated and issued the Notice on The Planned Projects to be started in the first quarter of 2022 and the Annual Promotion of Major Projects at the provincial and municipal levels, clarifying the work objectives, relevant standards and specific requirements of the planned projects to be started in the first quarter and the annual promotion of major projects at the provincial and municipal levels.The “Yangzhou Major Project Life Cycle Management Service Platform” has been put into operation to promote the major project life cycle management from contract to start to completion.Relevant counties (cities, districts) and functional areas seized the limited working hours after the New Year and before the Spring Festival to promote the early start of a number of projects, and signed 24 new projects with a total investment of 20.6 billion yuan, involving intelligent equipment, auto parts, semiconductor equipment, new materials, ocean engineering, science and technology innovation, culture and tourism and other industrial fields.Source | Editor | Zheng Yanqiu of Yangzhou Radio & Television “Sail” mobile phone channel