Generation Z Nigerian girl in Chongqing: Translation dreams through poetry

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Chen Yue at the 2022 Chinese Poetry Conference.Chongqing, March 14 — topic: “Z generation” Nigerian girls in Chongqing: through poetry to pursue the dream of “translation” author Huang Weizheng jiangmountain to leave a legacy, our generation return to visit.The 2022 Chinese Poetry Conference is on the air.In the program, a chubby, dark-skinned African girl with a round face, smiling and naive, sitting in the “100 people group” is particularly eye-catching.Ifeoma Amuche Gladys has a dream: to learn more about Traditional Chinese culture and contribute to the friendly exchanges and cooperation between China and Africa.Chen Yue, 16, was introduced to Chinese for the first time in 2016. Ever since then, she has been curious about China and set a goal: to learn Chinese and visit China.”The moon was shining before my bed, and I thought it was frost on the ground.Look up at the bright moon, bow to think of home.”In 2018, Chen yue was studying ancient Chinese at Sichuan International Studies University. She developed a strong interest in poetry, and the first poem she learned was Thoughts in the Quiet Night.”Perhaps it was because of ‘Thoughts at Night’ that I had a special liking for ‘poetic fairy’ Li Bai from the very beginning.”Chen said.Chen Yue said, the poem of Li Bai bold and unrestrained, wine linfeng, broad-minded detached.”I want to be like him, unencumbered by everything and open to life.”Chen Yue loves Chinese costume dramas, and the ancient poetry and lines always inspire her.”For example, in the Book The Wild Goose Flies to the West in the Window moon, the hero Xiaoman said to his brother, ‘The wind will break the waves and sail the sea’, which expresses the poet’s lofty ideal and firm belief in realizing his ideal.In September 2019, Chen Yue entered Southwest University to further study Chinese.Listen, speak, read, write…With the improvement of Chinese level, Chen Yue’s poetry accumulation is also more and more rich.”Short song line”, “September 9 recall Shandong brothers”……Chen Yue continued to wander in the ocean of poetry and successfully appeared on the stage of the 2022 Chinese Poetry Conference.Looking at the present prompt light clear and extinguish, extinguish and bright again, Li Bai that sentence “born I material will be useful, daughter is exhausted but also come back” repeatedly float on Chen Yue heart.”Bai Di chao ci clouds, thousands of miles jiangling a day also.”The 2022 Chinese Poetry Conference presents the poetry and painting scenery of Chongqing fengjie, the “Chinese Poetry City”.Chen Yue did not expect that such a poetic place would be right beside her after studying in Chongqing for so long.She said, “If you keep a book in your heart, gather it.I believe fengjie people must live a happy life.”Why do you love poetry?Chen Yue told reporters that classical poetry is a long river, flowing through the long years and the river bed of history, is a window to understand the fine traditional Chinese culture.She dreams of becoming a professional conference interpreter after graduation, and the first step in her dream is to learn Chinese culture well and become a “China expert”.(End) Generation Z Nigerian girl in Chongqing: Translation dreams through poetry –