The Lantern Festival has the flavor of “year” and “corruption”

2022-05-18 0 By

On February 15, the annual Lantern Festival as promised and to, Xining City Nanchuan West street Dongtai community Party committee to the new era of civilization practice station as the basis, with the party building belt group construction, “our festival – Lantern Festival” of “strong party spirit, praise the tradition, guess lantern riddles, taste Lantern Festival” theme party day activities.The party building elements into the traditional culture not only gives the traditional culture a new connotation of honesty, but also make the Lantern Festival both “year” flavor, and a “clean” flavor.Photo by Wei Yaqi/Qinghai Daily Photo by Wei Yaqi/Qinghai DailyThe above content is copyright qinghai Daily media platform, all rights reserved.