This comprehensive stadium, which can accommodate ten thousand people, has made new progress!

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Spring Festival this year to ensure that the xi ‘an qujiang e-sports industrial park project has been a steady and orderly conduct many workers actively calls “on New Year’s day” to hold, to speed up project construction, seize the progress at present, subject has completed the project structure is undergoing a curtain wall installation and decoration work key stage of the late “ripple, lotus blossoms” start construction since 2020,Xi ‘an Qujiang E-sports Industrial Park has become the focus of countless people’s eyes, integrating three theme parks and two industrial supporting areas, aiming to deeply integrate e-sports, event live broadcasting, game research and development, e-sports training and entertainment, and create a new business model of “e-sports + pan-entertainment” in Qujiang.Xi ‘an Qujiang e-sports Industrial Park design creativity from hibiscus flowers, the park to “ripples, Hibiscus flowers” as the design concept, “e-sports, ecology, sports, youth, entertainment” is the most significant five elements.The 660-mu Xi ‘an Qujiang E-sports Industrial Park is to build the most fashionable and dynamic international new economic industrial park in China on the basis of Xi ‘an Qujiang E-sports Center, 10,000 people Sports Center and industrial supporting facilities.Xi ‘an Qujiang e-sports center has been put into use, the overall design of the building with white simple keynote, the use of beautiful curves to create a unique smooth modeling, full of science and technology fashion beauty, and the park’s green dynamic perfect integration, has become a new landmark of young people.The stadium that can accommodate ten thousand people is advancing in an orderly way with Xi ‘an Qujiang E-sports Center all the way across the echo, is the core of the whole park – ten thousand people competition center.As an important carrier of Xi ‘an Qujiang E-Sports Industrial Park project, with “e-sports” as the theme, “culture + sports” as the core, venues as the carrier, it will build “e-sports sports, tourism, culture and entertainment” center, forming an emerging cultural industry cluster.The venue area covers a total area of 50.35 mu, with a construction area of 77650 square meters. There are two main and auxiliary pavilions.After the completion of the project, it will become one of the few large indoor stadiums with the theme of “e-sports” in China, which will drive the development of sports in northwest China and promote the innovation, transformation and upgrading of regional economic development.In addition to hosting large-scale sports events, brand launches, concerts, e-sports and other large-scale activities, the park can also provide places for cultural entertainment, such as holding exhibitions, shows and other cultural activities, filling the gap of large cultural and sports venues in Qujiang New Area.E-sports industrial park – venues in qujiang district aerial photo at the moment, form a complete set of e-sports industry park in qujiang district project ongoing foundation construction work, ten thousand people athletics center project has completed the main structure construction, external walls, internal decoration has been completed for the most part, with the return to work and production of the horn sounded, the project schedule is pushing, predict to be finished by the end of June delivery.To create a more colorful new landmark project supporting content, is also one of the key parts of the whole park.The industrial supporting facilities cover an area of 44.03 mu, with a total construction area of 157,500 square meters.It will provide supporting services for various functions and facilities in the park, meet the daily consumption needs of surrounding residents, and create a convenient, fashionable, high-end and exquisite urban center.After the completion of the project, it can provide talent apartment, catering and other formats during the competition, and also become a commercial center for the life and entertainment of surrounding residents in leisure time, to complement the supporting urban functions.Qujiang e-sports industrial Park and has been put into use cultural sports park, Xi ‘an Qujiang e-sports center into a piece, become xi ‘an e-sports culture paradise.As a key construction project of Shaanxi Province, qujiang E-sports Industrial Park is also the largest industrial park themed with “e-sports” in northwest China. After completion, Qujiang e-sports Industrial Park will boost the integrated development of culture, sports and tourism industry and become a new engine to promote the economic development of Qujiang New Area.In the future, with the completion and opening of the competition Center for ten thousand people, it will form a gathering place for e-sports industry to drive the economic development of the whole region, comprehensively break through the industrial chain of sports culture to create a young, dynamic and fashionable urban core to improve the city’s taste and brand image