Wuhai Intermediate People’s Court’s “Four Focus” accelerates service optimization and law-based business environment

2022-05-18 0 By

In order to optimize the law-based business environment, Wuhai Zhonghai Hospital adheres to the service concept of “innovation +” and accelerates the service guarantee and optimization of the law-based business environment with “four focuses”.First, we will improve the efficiency of handling cases involving enterprises.We organized the “Year of Consolidation and Promotion” activities, and regularly carried out daily monitoring and weekly reporting systems.We vigorously promoted the application of the smart court system and built internet-based courts, greatly improving the efficiency of case trials.As of March 25, the courts of the city had received 1,857 new civil and commercial cases of first instance, and concluded 1,088 cases, with an average closing day of 61 days, 7 days less than last year.At the beginning of March, we organized the centralized execution of financial cases related to “Eagle” In spring. As of March 25, a total of 81 cases were closed and the amount of execution reached 343,313,800 yuan.The model of “judicial auction + online auction assistance” was established to shorten the property realization cycle.Second, we will improve the efficiency of litigation services.China has opened a “green through train” for enterprise-related lawsuits, giving priority to the filing, hearing and execution of cases involving enterprises.Adhering to the principle of speed and delivery, the average time for the review of online cases in the courts of the city has been shortened from the past 7 days to 2.06 days.The Guidance on Litigation Fee Refund work was issued to shorten the refund cycle and relieve the pressure of capital turnover of enterprises.Third, we will improve the efficiency of resolving conflicts.We vigorously promoted the “source of litigation + quick trial” mode of resolving disputes and the online mediation platform of the people’s courts, focused on building offline mediation platforms such as the “Mediation Center” and the “Community judge’s Studio”, and established a mechanism for the mediation of conflicts and disputes that combines online and offline.Hainan District Court and Bayan Taohai Town jointly built a “non-litigation village” to resolve conflicts and disputes on the spot.As of March 25, a total of 218 cases had been mediated before litigation, of which 153 were successful, with a mediation rate of 70.18 percent.Fourth, we will improve the efficiency of law popularization.In early March, organized the “three one” activities to optimize the business environment (namely, contact with a number of key enterprises;At least one rule of law lesson for key enterprises in the area every year;At least once a year to conduct research on private enterprises). By March 25, members of the CPC Central Committee had contacted 9 enterprises, visited 3 and helped solve 7 legal and litigation-related problems.Actively carried out the “door-to-door service” and “law into the enterprise” action, in-depth publicity of relevant legal knowledge in the enterprise 8 times.More than 300 copies of the Enterprise Rule of law Business Risk Reminder Manual have been issued to enterprises in the jurisdiction to reduce business risks for entrepreneurs.