Yang Yang commentary was questioned, Wang Meng “piercing eyes”, CCTV will not ask her, partner is an example

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CCTV hired Yang Yang to commentate on short-track speed skating at the Winter Olympics, but she was met with skepticism by sports fans.The reason is that the commentary for the Winter Olympics liu Shaolin shed tears, after all, many people think liu Shaolin represented Hungary in the competition, this kind of tears is incomprehensible.There is also said that the tears of Yang Yang commentary is as an athlete, know that athletes win the championship is not easy, by feeling and hair, not for the athlete pity and tears.In fact, Dayang Yang is very successful as an athlete. She won China’s first gold medal in the Winter Olympic Games. Now after retirement, she is also the president of The Athletes’ Committee of Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the vice president of the World Anti-Doping Association.Wang Meng’s commentary is really professional and attractive. In the semi-final of the men’s 5000m relay, the Chinese team consisting of Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Li Wenlong and Sun Long was judged to be in group A final.Yang Yang said China was given the final because of the new rules.But Wang Meng saw that it was “kicking the knife” at a glance, and was not worried at all, believing that the Chinese team would be judged to enter the final.Wang Meng: Why can I sit here?Because I spent two hours with the ISU technical representative about the rules in this situation.Have to admire Wang Meng’s “fire eyes golden eyes”, before because of her one, my eyes is a ruler out of the circle.But CCTV won’t ask her to commentate.CCTV invited athletes to explain, to professional, but more temperament, Yang Yang often served as short commentary, image, Mandarin, language, intonation will be more official, excited measured.Passion is true, and punchlines are welcome, but there are some things you can say and some things you can’t.Obviously, Wang Meng could not control himself.Partner is an example. When Huang Jianxiang started his career as a commentator in football matches, his emotional style attracted wide attention and recognition from fans and won high praise and applause.Especially in the World Cup singing Italy team, people regarded as a classic, but he still walked from CCTV.Huang jianxiang was not only professional, but also confident, and a little “crazy”. When excited, he could stand up and bang the table, feeling sure that his prediction would come true.In a sense, Wang Meng is just like Huang Jianxiang in the past. Huang Jianxiang is much more composed now, while Wang Meng, who is in his thirties, cannot be too composed and introverted.As far as the market is concerned, emotional commentary is more likely to drive the audience’s mood, but also more infectious.It is exciting for the audience to watch the games;Relatively speaking, CCTV to the narrator’s requirements, more rational, more objective, stability is not wrong, rather than for stimulation.Therefore, different platforms, different requirements, interpretation style is very different, which is normal.