Are you really happy?It’s these four things in your body that make you happy

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You might say: it’s a particular environment, money, food or someone.In fact, feeling happy is largely a chemical experience.You feel happy when your brain releases some happy chemicals.How do four substances — dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins — make you happy?1. Dopamine is the most commonly heard form of pleasure.When we eat sugar, rice noodles, and other processed foods, we release dopamine.In fact, dopamine is released in the brain when we imagine food or desire.During anticipation, dopamine levels continue to rise, making you feel like you can’t stop.2. Dopamine gives you a rush of excitement and energy when your needs are met.Therefore, dopamine is called “reward”.It rewards you for doing things that excite and excite you all the time to get the same pleasure.3. It’s easy to get Addicted For example, most people are addicted to food, sex, sugar, etc.4. Dopamine Reward System Some people believe that dopamine doesn’t bring happiness, it brings reward.It just makes you hungrier and hungrier, but it never satisfies you.But it keeps you wanting and addicted.I don’t know if you want it or if your body wants it.After each brief happiness, there is often greater guilt, emptiness, loss and self-denial.A good way to improve serotonin: 1. Meditate. You can constantly recall what you have, your past successes, the pictures, the sounds and the joy of success in your heart so that your brain can experience it again.Our brains have a hard time distinguishing between reality and imagination.When you imagine and remember good things, your brain releases serotonin.Be thankful for what you have.For example, you can thank your eyes for looking at the screen right now.They are the ones that made you lucky enough to read this article.Your mood will be more stable and calm, and anxiety and tension will be reduced.Gratitude also increases serotonin levels, making us feel healthy, wealthy and valuable, which naturally leads to happiness.3. Get plenty of sun and walk outdoors Sunbathing can boost the production of vitamin D, dopamine and serotonin and lighten your mood.Eat foods that Increase serotonin a diet low in tryptophan leads to a decrease in the amino acid in the brain.This amino acid must be obtained through your diet, so you can eat foods rich in tryptophan: eggs, cheese, deep-sea fish, nuts, and red meat.Your brain releases oxytocin when you are attracted to another person, when you have friendly physical contact with them, when you feel safe and trusted.Cuddling, kissing and sexual intimacy trigger oxytocin production, and mothers also produce large amounts during labor and breastfeeding.It can help us trust others, build close, trusting and healthy relationships with others, and inspire feelings of belonging and attachment to a group.Oxytocin can be obtained by: 1. Cuddle love Oxytocin is also known as “cuddle”.So as soon as you give someone a loving hug, you get them to produce oxytocin and love 2.Staying emotionally open and engaging in active social interactions, such as eating with your loved ones, giving gifts to loved ones, and talking, can boost oxytocin levels.Kinship, friendship or love, and even a relationship with a pet, can help us form close, friendly relationships, increase oxytocin production and bring happiness to each other.Your Favorite Music Music can help raise oxytocin levels in your body. Massage Massage can help relax muscles, increase blood flow, and reduce fatigue and stress.Serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin increase, while stress-cortisol decreases.Endorphins (Natural Painkillers) When you feel discomfort, pain or stress, the brain releases endorphins to relieve our pain and enhance our high.It is the body’s natural painkiller.So when eating something spicy or even slightly bitter, or when exercising, the brain releases endorphins.How do you naturally boost endorphins?Exercise Moderate exercise is probably best.Moderate exercise means your heart rate and breathing will increase.You may find it difficult to breathe, but you can still speak normally and not sweat.2. Smile Laughing is one of the easiest ways to induce the release of endorphins.Watch online jokes and comedy shows, tell jokes, and use your sense of humor to make yourself and others laugh.3. Eat your favorite Foods Dark chocolate and spicy foods release endorphins in the brain.You can put some dark chocolate on the table and eat a small piece when you’re hungry to alleviate hunger and make yourself happy