Marketing automation guide | how to use marketing automation to customer group?

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Accurate definition of customer characteristics is a necessary condition for Marketer to carry out personalized marketing and improve marketing ROI. How to define your customers?Want to know from potential users to customers with the purchase value, active, purchase stage, geographical location, touch solutions favour, channels, content of preference, loyalty, buy time, purchase amount, such as the difference between the multi-dimensional, that is why the marketer looking forward with marketing automation for the cause of the customer groups.As for grouping how to do?Let’s see!Based on the label of marketing automation, we can establish grouping rules that can accurately define customers for automatic grouping.At the same time, according to the nature of tags, grouping rules are usually divided into static and dynamic. Static generally refers to the attributes that are not easy to change, such as customer and enterprise attributes, while dynamic generally refers to the attributes that may change at any time, such as purchase stage and activity.01 Static grouping 1 Based on the enterprise scale, user position, industry and other attribute labels in the master data field, can be used as the basis of user value to determine the grouping basis. 2 Channel preference based on the statistics of the opening rate and click rate of different reach channels, can be used as the grouping basis of reach channels.3. Users can be grouped according to their geographical location, such as pre-sale/after-sales service, sales visit, offline activity invitation, and regional discounts. 4.Product/solution interest group 5 according to user’s purchase of products/solution for grouping users, can be better for after-sale stages of user maintenance 6 groups according to the user’s purchasing time, can be purchased in after-sales phase for the user/after purchase and content delivery 7 are grouped according to the user’s purchasing amount,Can more accurately determine customer purchasing power 02 1 dynamic grouping based on questionnaire survey, telephone interviews, sales feedback, etc., determine the customer buying interest and intention, and then grouped continuous hatch 2 according to the marketing process, the user to read and to participate in the activities of the behavior to determine the content of the user’s purchase trip position,Can determine the user’s purchase phase group 3 according to user’s open rate, the content and interaction with the frequency of brand, activity participation and so on, the user level of active packet 4 according to the customer the last time buy, users to participate in the activities of the recommended frequency, etc., can determine the customer active level group and the brand loyalty grouping of subjectivity from the dimension of the above 11,We will be able to establish more accurate and perfect user group rules, the use of marketing automation for automatic grouping, for the subsequent user incubation to provide effective power!Do you want to know more about marketing automation?Scan the qr code below to reserve easyLAA demoSalesDriver, high-tech enterprise, digital marketing innovator, precipitation of 19 years of digital marketing experience, based on its own SCRM marketing automation products, integrated content marketing, digital conference marketing, sales lead mining management and other services, to help IT, pharmaceutical, industrial, financial, automotive, education and other industries leading customers to obtain customers efficiently,Achieve marketing growth.