Meet with Books

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1. Copy the questions on the Answer sheet.② There is no limit to the style except poetry.③ Writing should be neat, punctuation should be correct, do not write wrong words.④ No less than 600 words.This is a thesis composition.The title is “meet with books”, as long as the story of “I” and books can be launched, you can write reading to “my” happiness, reading to “my” life enlightenment.In sentence patterns, parallelism can be considered, especially at the beginning and end.What is a book?Gorky said: “Books are the ladder of human progress.”Shakespeare said, “Books are the nourishment of all mankind.”Leo Tolstoy said, “Ideal books are the key to wisdom.”Books have been my hearers in times of sorrow.When confused, books are my lighthouse;Books are my companions in solitude.Books are a bridge connecting the other side of knowledge.The book is the key, open the door of knowledge;Books are lamps that illuminate the direction of life.Meet with books books like medicine also, good reading can cure fools.Meeting books, I know a little more about the world.The book is my growth ladder, it, can take me far away.Books, let me have a pair of eyes to find beauty.When I was young, my mother taught me to read poems. Although I did not understand the meaning, the pictures described in the poems were unfolding before my eyes like a picture scroll.”Two orioles singing green willow, a line of egrets on the blue sky”, soft wicker in the breeze lightly dance, clever orioles singing in the tree, there is a line of egrets in the distant sky flying leisurely, this is like a splashing ink scroll, sending out natural fresh, I wander among them, linger.”Osmanthus flowers fall when people are idle, the night is quiet and the spring mountains are empty.” In the night of late autumn, osmanthus flowers fall like rain, and the poet takes a leisurely walk in the rain.I do not know when, the moon came out, silent moonlight will sleep the birds awake, so that it from time to time to send out a mild and crisp cry.”Jiangnan tangerine, through the winter still green forest,” Jiangnan Tangerine flourishing, winter does not wither, evergreen.Reading poems cultivates one’s character.Please study the book, lead me through time and space, slowly into the world of the author, with their sorrow, with joy.I have benefited a lot from reading Chinese and foreign classics since I grew up.”Life always let us black and blue, but later, the injured place will become our strongest place.” Hemingway’s life was full of ups and downs.He is one of the most famous novelists of the 20th century and has won many awards.Fighting in the war as a young man gave him pain for the rest of his life, and he lost sleep at night because of it.The torture of illness, instead of bringing him down, let him have a lot of creation, because that can distract the torture of illness.His excellent qualities led him to write such enduring works as The Old Man and the Sea. Although death is always with him, his spirit is worth learning from.So trust yourself, what you fear at the time will eventually become your armor.”A hard day, can be a night of sleep;Most people know the story of Da Vinci’s drawing of eggs.Diligence makes up for procrastination, and diligence is an essential quality of people.The birth of these world-famous works, the Last Supper and Mona Lisa, does not know how much hard work and great wisdom lie behind the creators!I am moved and uplifted by the excellence of those great men.Read thousands of volumes, such as god.The books you read accumulate into your knowledge and thinking.Read well, read well, read good books.And books meet, time flies, it always with me, take me far away.Books are the ladder of my growth. They can take me far away.Argument in this paper, we set up two points: “book, let me have a pair of eyes to find beauty” “book, lead me through time, slowly into the world of the author, having fun with their sorrows,”, quoting poetry, describe the verse artistic conception, lists of the authors of the Chinese and foreign classics, etc., fully effectively demonstrates the argument, proved that the central argument.At the end of the article again point, echo the beginning, summarize the full text.