My grandmother read with me (48) There is no poem nor distance, only the trivial daily life

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Xiaoqi became a “deserter” originally, every morning we three study together, today was destroyed by Xiaoqi.He didn’t want to sit at the table today, and he didn’t know what to do in the drawing-room, so I left him alone.I and the tree in learning, to be precise, is I accompany the tree in learning, my copy has not inserted a hand.One is to write questions at the end of each passage in the 20-page book he will read today.Second, to instruct him to write;Three is to compete with him in oral arithmetic.And he himself, he did math illustrated.In the oral calculation of the game, of course, OR I won, he began to defy defeat, and three consecutive times than, and he set me in a minute of time, I each time less than a minute.Tree a little angry, said: “hum, I don’t compare with you, you are so big, or the third grade teacher, of course, you won.””What I’m trying to say is, I’m not a third grade teacher, okay?And I’m not a math teacher, okay?The speed of arithmetic has nothing to do with age, ok?If you keep on practising, you’ll be good at it, too.””All right, all right, but I won’t compete with you today.”When I let him practice, he thought of the flag, with a small mood said: “flag how not to learn?Light for me to learn?””Flag in first grade?””Well, let him be in first grade.”You see, this is getting a little tricky.I ignored him, he did not noisy, continue to practice.Xiao Qi continued to be his “deserter”, not as usual coloring, puzzles.The tree was in a mood just now. When he finished writing and I said to rest, he went to see his brother happily.When I went to see them after I wrote his design questions, they had moved the playground to my king-size bed.My big bed is an electric heated kang. It’s flat, so they can play with books and toys on the bed.It’s a little unhygienic, but I’ve never criticized them for playing in bed, so let them play.I’ll fix the bed at night at most.Today, they are playing with a new toy, the Ultraman suit, which their daughter has just bought them.I object to my daughter buying too many toys for them. Before the Spring Festival, I threw away a lot of broken toys when I picked them up.But now she’s bought it back.My daughter’s idea is different from mine. She buys books and toys for her children every month, but I think there are so many books in the house, and there are still many books that have not been finished, and some books can be read several times., however, the children in the process of play, also increased a lot of knowledge, such as the ultraman, when the flag with a asked me “what is this”, my answer is “she”, actually, “altman” is a general designation, they all have specific name, such as: with fe, original, the severn, jack and so on.Today is my son-in-law’s birthday. Since both my daughter and son-in-law are at work, we have changed the birthday party to evening. Instead of going to the hotel this year, we have decided to cook at my mother-in-law’s house.In the afternoon, the two children went to learn swimming, the front desk consultant came to say hello, is to give the tree to add lessons, I asked: “why to add lessons?””The child is not cooperating,” she said.What do you mean not cooperating?I clearly see the tree to learn very seriously, with the other two children is the same, how to call not cooperate?Before the Spring Festival study, also added a class, but, just put the class one day in advance, and did not continue to teach other.But the flag’s class is not over, I still have to take the tree to accompany the flag to learn.This time, I don’t listen to them, before the consultant finished, I interrupted: “no, we have something today!”Don’t want to add classes is one thing, today is also true.Today is my son-in-law’s birthday and I have to go to my mother-in-law’s house to cook early.After my two kids learned to swim, my daughter went shopping with us. In addition to the necessary dishes, my two kids “took advantage of the situation” and took their mother to buy sushi, small intestine, beef jerky, etc.This time, I did not stop the children, they followed their mother to buy things, it seems out of my jurisdiction.I would have paid, but my daughter said I didn’t need to pay while she was here.She pays better, so I feel less bad about the money.Since today is my son-in-law’s birthday, and fortunately, he is not at a meeting today, a dinner party is a must.After the children learn to swim, I go to my mother-in-law’s house to cook. In recent years, we always go to the hotel for dinner, but this year changed the rules.It was already after five o ‘clock when we arrived at my mother-in-law’s house. My son-in-law usually got home at 6:30, so time was a little tight.I arranged the tree to peel eggs, arranged daughter cut cooked food, I prepare stewed mullet tofu cabbage, fried fish.After a while, the little sister came and drove the tree out of the kitchen and did not let him work.The tree special grievance, say: “I can, I also willing to stem, why want to drive me out?”Ha ha, this is the difference between my little sister, she is reluctant to let the children work, and I have to let them do.The younger sister also drove away her daughter, who cut the cooked food.Big sister today no empty cooking, her eldest daughter this year’s college entrance examination, she accompanied online classes at home.At 6:30, all the people are ready to open the banquet, someone looking for her daughter something, her son-in-law to accompany her out.More than a dozen people in our family waited for them on a big table of food that had been set out. The children got hungry and ate up a big plate of chicken steak that I had fried up and left the table, while we adults continued to wait.At 7:40, Grandpa Dashu called his son-in-law and his son-in-law told him that let’s have dinner first and not wait for them.My daughter and son-in-law came back at 8 o ‘clock. We heated the hot food for them again. The children ate cake and sang happy Birthday songs.The tree and the flag also wish dad a happy birthday and all the best.In fact, they used my phone to call their dad this morning to wish him a happy birthday.However, my son-in-law had a “late” dinner for his birthday.Because of this little incident, the joy is tempered.5. Today I feel that what I have recorded are all trivial daily events, and my mind has been slowly blunted by these trivial events.This, be ordinary life bar, have happiness, have busy, also have trouble of course.However, no matter who, should have the ability to quickly resolve the worry, otherwise, is really asking for trouble.People always say that time changes everything, but in fact, you have to work hard to change everything.Everyone wants to live a better life, wants to be happy, ask yourself: am I trying to change?I am a creator in the field of quality culture of @liuyun Wenyuan. Thank you for your attention and support.